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Welcome to the Teamfight Tactics game portal page. In this section here are all the guides to the items, champions, drop chances, damage formula and the patch notes for the game. More content updates will be added later for every new patch that comes out. Here is an explanation on what the sections are for within this portal.


The items are obtained during the neutral rounds and during the carousel stages. They are used on a champions for buffs and upgrades. Specific Tier 2 items are used on certain champions to make full use of them. The recommended items for champions are on the item pages.


They can be bought from the shop, obtained from neutral rounds and also in the carousel. Champions cost between 1-5 gold base on rarity. The goal with the champions is to create synergies with other champions and to upgrade the units to a higher level. (3 of the same level 1 units to make level 2 and 3 level 2 to make level 3).

Drop Chances

In the drop chances section, this will show you the odds of getting certain costs units and what you can expect to see during every stage rounds.

Damage Formula

This table will show you how much damage you will take from units for every round you lose.

Patch Notes

This is a section for all the current and past patch notes for TFT.