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Welcome to Esportspedia's Streamers Wiki!

We are currently in an initial pilot period. This means that the wiki is public, and anyone can create an account and start editing. However, we are still in the process of building up a sizable staff, the duration of the open beta will depend on our ability to grow our staff. On the sidebar, under "Information" you will notice "Partner List", "Streamer List", "Organization List" and "Pro Players List".

  • Partner List - This category is for verified partners on their respective primary streaming platform. For DLive, this means Global Partner.
  • Streamer List - This category is for streamers who are an affiliate and haven't hit partner on their respective primary streaming platform.
  • Organization List - This category is for Stream Teams. We do accept Esports teams, but we will only cover their stream team section.
  • Pro Players List - This category is for people who are professional esports players, people who stream alongside but are primarily professional competitors.
Get Involved!
Help us build our wiki!

Join our team We are still looking for people to fill multiple contributor positions. Ideally, these are people with some free time, a passion for streaming and previous coding experience, or a willingness to learn coding in MediaWiki.

Apply here to become a wiki contributor!

Edit as a community member Feel free to edit as a community member, not a contributor. All edits must be manually approved by a manager, but that doesn't mean you can't make changes. Make sure you're in our Discord server though, so we can contact you if needed.