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Background Information
COBUnited States
BirthdayApril 1, 2007 (2007-04-01) (age 12)
Started StreamingDec 16, 2017
Streaming DaysUnknown
Streaming TimeUnknown
Est. Net WorthUnknown
Streamed Games
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Social Media

Patrick "H1ghsky1" is a American full-time Fortnite streamer for FaZe Clan.


The channel H1ghsky1 was created on December 16, 2017.


H1ghsky, the new Faze Clan star, was born on April 1, 2007 and is already making a name for himself on Twitch and in Esports.


At such a young age, H1ghsky1 is already a prolific gamer and streamer who will do nothing but continue to develop his skills while in FaZe Clan. One of the two young FaZe recruits in March of 2019, H1ghsky1 traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate with the FaZe crew. In addition to his rapid growth before, and after joining FaZe Clan, H1ghsky1 strives to compete with the best Fortnite players. However, there as been a lot of controversy surrounding H1ghsky and his career. With the minimum age required to both compete at professional Fortnite and stream on Twitch being 13, he and FaZe Clan claimed he fulfilled this minimum age when he signed for the organization on March 22, 2019, giving his birthday as July 1, 2005. However, a report by Upcomer from May 28, 2019 [1] presented allegations claiming that the young star is actually 12, which would make him ineligible to compete at the Fortnite World Cup and puts a question mark on his eligibility to stream on Twitch. On June 5 , 2019 H1ghsky's Twitch channel was banned and five days latter his Twitter would also be banned. On June 6, 2019 H1ghsky's started streaming on Youtube and admitted to lying about his age stating that he wanted to follow his dream. This also confirms the allegation made in a lawsuit filed by popular streamer Tfue on May 20, which claims that FaZe illegally signed H1ghsky1 when he was 11-years old.

Personal Life

H1ghsky1 still lives with his parents who helped lie about his age so he could pursue his Fortnite dream. Also, his parents are regularly seen on his Youtube streams due to Youtube's new policy that bans children from streaming without adult supervision.


  • He is the youngest member of FaZe Clan.
  • Is of Romanian heritage, with his Romanian name being Patriciu.
  • Often plays with his dad in Fortnite

Viewers & Subs

As of June 2019, H1ghsky1 has a little more than 400,000 followers and streams to an average of 1,300 viewers.[2]


  • ROG Strix Z370-F
  • Intel i5-7600K
  • GeForce GTX 1080
  • Vengeance LPX
  • Windows 10
  • Acer G246HL
  • DT 990 Pro
  • Miya Pro Panda
  • G305 Lightspeed
  • QcK
  • C920 HD Pro
  • Yeti

Website & Merch Store

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