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Welcome to the Tutorial!

This tutorial serves as an introduction to editing our wiki. If you want to help contribute as a community member, this is the best place to start! If you are interested in applying to become part of our staff, we will ask that you complete most of the tutorial anyway, so going through the tutorial before applying would be a great way to help your application! The guide is separated into several tasks, each task covering a particular topic increasing in difficulty. Each task is accompanied by an example page that shows use of the task, and instructions on how to make your own, similar page.

Want someone to go over your tutorial and make sure you did everything right? Send a message in Discord.

Are you struggling with a certain part of the wiki and want to revisit it? Here is the directory for the tutorial:

Task Topic Explanation Example
1 Page Creation Link Link
2 Hyperlinks Link Link
3 Formatting Link Link
4 Lists Link Link
5 Basic Tables Link Link
6 Tabs Link Link
7 More Advanced Tables Link Link
8 Images Link Link
9 Redirects Link Link
10 News Link Link
11 SEO Link Link
12 Your Page Link Link