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Background Information
NameShayne Reeves
BirthdayNovember 12, 1990 (1990-11-12) (age 29)
Started Streaming5th Nov 2018
Streamed Games
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Shayne "Styler" Reeves is a British Variety streamer, and the owner for The Zeal Team. He is known for being a positive, loud person who pushes his content through joy and high energy.


Reeves was born in Burnley, North England. He grew up during the race wars of Burnley in the 1990s, and his family moved to the south of England, specifically Weston S Mare when he was 12, to escape. Playing games was always an escape for him. As people were on the streets, fighting during the race wars, Styler would distract himself by playing video games. Since then games have always been a huge part of his life, especially when he had a significant loss when Shayne was 16 years old. Video games created a distraction away from the world during his low points.

He has worked as a window cleaner, in the town he lived, before moving onto become a support worker, and more recently a mental health professional. As a mental health professional, he uses his streams to give his life experiences back to people, and demonstrate that no matter what is going on with your life, there is an escape, and that escape can be gaming. That is why Styler turned to streaming, to give other people the opportunity to use a stream or a game to escape the pressures and obstacles of life.

He also founded The Zeal Team. Team Zeal was forged with the vision of building a united team of streamers, deemed to be charismatic, fun, supportive and friendly. Their mission is to develop a community where love, support and positivity flourishes. They are all about pushing that positive mindset! They envision the Team Zeal name and logo representing an escape from real life. The world can be a horrible place at times, so they want Team Zeal to be a place where people can escape to for a while; a safe place to have a chat and make new friends.


  • He attended TwitchCon EU with ImStallion.
  • He is the owner of The Zeal Team.
  • He likes to have a drink.
  • He started gaming on a "hand-me-down" PC, playing Counter-Strike 1.6 / Cs Condition Zero before moving to Counter-Strike source where he competed in small money tournaments on SGL and Enemydown.
  • He's an Fps main player and has played FPS games for over 15 years, strictly on PC. These have ranged from CS:GO, CoD, Battle Royale among others. He also played World of Warcraft for 5+ years, maining the mage and warrior.
  • He played with Matt "Lynx" Lammas, who unfortunately passed away and was somebody he held close personally. He met Dunnstopher through Matt and is the reason Team Zeal exists.
  • Styler has a pug named Barney who is behind his branding.
  • He pushes a message of only having one life and living it the best you can because we all get buried in the same soil
  • He owes his networking ability, growth and small success to ImStallion's community nights