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Background Information
NameLee Yoon-jae
COBSouth Korea
BirthdayApril 6, 1993 (1993-04-06) (age 26)
Started Streaming2015
Est. Net Worth$1 million
Streamed Games
League of Legends Icon.png
Social Media

Lee "Rush" Yoonjae is a South Korean streamer who played League of Legends professional throughout the years of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Echo Fox.

For information on his professional career, see his page on Esportspedia's LoL Wiki.


November 26th, 2014, LMQ had announced Rush as their new jungler. A month later, LMQ renamed and rebranded themselves as Team Impulse. His 2016 season began with Rush leaving Impulse in order to join Cloud 9 as their new jungler. In November 2015, C9 had competed at IEM Season X - Cologne, but lost 2-1 in their first round against H2k Gaming.

Rush can be seen with Travis Gafford [1] in an interview asking about why he came back to the North American LCS, and he claims that he came back, not only for his friends, but he came back for the competitive integrity of the game, and he's seen stated that he thinks that the rosters players are "underrated". Seen in the same interview linked below, he believed that his team's scrims were going well, and he was very confident into going into the next LCS games they were scheduled for.


  • Hit rank 1 on the Korean Ladder in 2014.
  • Studied at a well-reputed university in Korea.
  • Known for his Lee Sin.

Viewers & Subs

Averages 4,845 viewers on Twitch, and well over 240K subscribers on YouTube.

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