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Miguel "MrBlameyy" Sanchez

Age: 20

Country: Canada

Affiliate: Falling Esports

Streams: League of legends & mortal kombat

League Tier: Gold 4


MrBlameyy is known for mainly streaming league of legends but back in the day he use to play call of duty growing up from playing with friends to trick shooting. he used to go by the name Future-xKINGKILL and bounced from clan to clan before joining reezy clan, after joining reezy clan that where he would get the name blame and the story goes he would be blamed for stuff such as stealing feeds or even accidentally killing last person for trick shots, blame became a feeder for reezy clan but soon became a streamer for reezy clan making his first channel named reezy blame he became noticed through Unturned and league of legends but quit without notice and so Time passes and Reezy clan falls losing most of its members expect some. another clan was being made off reezy but blameyy left for unknown reasons after blame left reezy clan he made another twitch channel named MrBlameyy and streamed off there instead his Reezy blame account and soon explained reasons why he left Reezy he would soon Join Falling esports and become a owner/Streamer for Falling and still with falling till this day.