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Background Information
NameMarcel Eris
BirthdayMarch 2, 1988 (1988-03-02) (age 31)
Started StreamingJun 21, 2013
Streaming DaysSunday, Tuesday and Friday
Streaming Time1pm - 6pm EST
Est. Net WorthUnknown
Streamed Games
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Social Media

Marcel "MontanaBlack" Eris is a part-time German variety Twitch streamer.


The channel MontanaBlack88 was created on June 21st, 2013. His earliest live moment can be seen on a video on his Twitch channel[1].


MontanaBlack was born on March 2, 1988 in Buxtehude, Germany. His engaging and controversial personality has helped him garner a large following on both Youtube and Twitch. He is currently the third most watched German twitch channel according to TwitchMetrics.


Growing up MontanaBlack would get in trouble often. He admitted to stealing, vandalism, doing drugs and heavy drinking. Black has been very honest about his past with his viewers on his main YouTube channel that he started in 2009. He's opened up to his viewers about stealing from his grandfather and even his drug addiction. After learning about his drug addiction Black's grandparents kicked him out and he was briefly homeless. He attended therapy and a detox for his drug addiction and claims he is completely clean now. Eris uses his main YouTube channel to discuss his life and raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse.

His second YouTube channel "SpontanaBlack" was created in 2013 along with his Twitch channel. Black uses both channels to share his gaming content with his fans. His main game is currently Fortnite but has enjoyed playing Mario Kart as well. Eris has had many controversies while streaming on Twitch with him being banned multiple times. First he was banned when he called a character in Fortnite "slit eye" and the second racist accusation came when he told his chat he "hate rain" and if read backwards in German means "I hate Negroes." Black claims that his comments were not meant to be racist in anyway. Through all his controversies MontanaBlack has maintained a strong and loyal fanbase who support him. In March 2019 he released an autobiography about his life titled "MontanaBlack - From Junkie to YouTuber."

Personal Life

MontanaBlack currently lives in Germany and his mother and grandparents are regularly seen in some of his YouTube videos. His father also has a YouTube channel (Botze69).


  • His favorite energy drink is Monster.
  • He enjoys streaming on Twitch more than making videos for his YouTube channel.

Viewers & Subs

As of June 2019, MontanaBlack88 has a little more than 16,000 subscribers and streams to an average of 28,000 viewers.[2]


  • X299-E Gaming
  • Intel i9-9900X
  • Windows 10
  • 970 EVO
  • LED FHD Monitor
  • A50
  • K70 RGB
  • Dark Core SE
  • MM1000 Qi Wireless
  • C922
  • Raiju Pro

Website & Merch Store

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