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Background Information
NameMichael Morris
BirthdayMay 3, 1999 (1999-05-03) (age 20)
Height5 ft.9 (175 cm)
Started Streaming7th August 2018
Streaming DaysTuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Streaming Time7PM - 11PM UK Time
Est. Net WorthUnknown
Streamed Games
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Social Media


Michael "Mikey" Morris is a part-time British variety streamer and the founder of Overcome. He is known for supporting Care Leavers and being LGBTQIA+. He is formerly a wiki manager at Esportspedia, having worked on the Call of Duty wiki, Halo wiki and then later the streamers wiki, which he built from 10 pages up.


Mikey was born on May 3rd, 1999 in Salford, Manchester. He was removed from the care of his mother prior to turning 1 year old. He moved around a bit before becoming settled with his dad and his then-girlfriend, and their son, who is Mikey's half-brother. When his dad left to be with his new girlfriend, Mikey remained with his brother. He then went onto move from there at the age of 11, to move in with his dad and his new family. On December 18th, 2013, Mikey moved into foster care. He then went until his 16th birthday in a few foster placements before moving to live on his own.[1]

Mikey started streaming on August 7th, 2018, with the hope of improving someone else's life and improving his mental health. It took him 6 months to hit affiliate but he finally hit it on January 1st 2019. He first joined WeVicious on February 1st, 2019,[2] who he credits for much of his improvement both on stream, and as a person in general. [3] He left WV on April 11, 2019 on good terms. He remained without an organisation until May 16th where he joined LUX Gaming. [4]. Following a period of immense personal struggle, with the possibility of becoming homeless, his mother having a miscarriage among other issues, he was dropped by Lux Gaming for posting an image of a sex toy. Mikey then posted a lengthy post, explaining what happened. His community rallied around him and pushed him forward, and was offered the opportunity to join Aerox Esports. [5]. Following his streaming for Aerox Esports, and no longer working for Esportspedia, Mikey sought out an opportunity and became the Social Media Manager for Aerox Esports.[6]. After a short tenure, due to undisclosed reasons, he left Aerox Esports. [7]. He then went onto join Buzzkill Esports, as a streamer. [8] After 9 days under the organisation, Mikey left citing his mental health as the reason. [9]. He later confirmed he isn't looking to join an organisation anytime soon. [10]


  • Mikey formerly worked in radio and has a high interest in podcasts.
  • He is studying a BA (Hons) in Community Development and Youth Work.
  • He owns a media and entertainment organisation, known as Overcome.