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Background Information
NameJarvis Kaye
BirthdayNovember 11, 2001 (2001-11-11) (age 18)
Started StreamingMar 14, 2018
Est. Net Worth918000 Us dollars
Streamed Games
Fortnite Icon.png  
Social Media

Jarvis "jarvis" Kaye is a full-time American Fortnite streamer for FaZe Clan.


The liljarvis channel was created on March 14th, 2018.


Born on November 11, 2001, in England, Jarvis is more of a newer streamer on his own. However, he made a name for himself playing Call of Duty on his brothers YouTube channel, FaZe Kaye. Jarvis then found the game of Fortnite and started streaming in 2018 leading to him getting a professional contract with FaZe Clan.


Jarvis has two brothers, one is also involved in the professional scene of gaming. His name is Frazier Kaye, also known as FaZe Kay. He helps FaZe Apex with the professional FaZe Call of Duty team. Jarvis has not always played Fortnite. He originally made his name playing Call of Duty with his brother. Even though he just started streaming last year he had been in front of a webcam since he was a young child. He featured on his brothers YouTube channel multiple times.

Personal Life

At the moment Jarvis does not have a significant other, at the moment he is focusing on his Fortnite career.


  • Jarvis' brother is also a part of FaZe Clan
  • Jarvis is only 17 years old
  • Jarvis has maintained a 5.0 KDR throughout his whole Fortnite career.

Viewers & Subs

As of July 2019, Jarvis has a little over than 510,000 followers and streams to an average of 4100 viewers.[1]


  • Maximus X Formula
  • Intel i9-9900K
  • GeForce RTX 2080
  • Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • Vengance RGB
  • 960 EVO
  • H100i Pro
  • AW2518H
  • Arctis Pro Wireless
  • BRIO
  • Elite Wireless

Website & Merch Store

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