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Background Information
NameFlávio Fernandes
BirthdayMay 19, 1998 (1998-05-19) (age 21)
Height6 ft.1 (187 cm)
Started Streaming14th Dec, 2014
Est. Net WorthUnknown
Streamed Games
League of Legends Icon.png  
Social Media

Flávio "Jukes" Fernandes is a Brazilian full-time League of Legends streamer for Cloud9.


The Jukes channel was created on December 14th, 2014.


Jukes was born on May 19, 1998 in Brazil. He became famous for playing only with Yasuo, Zed and Riven showing all their good mechanics with these champions. He is also a player for Cloud9.


Jukes started streaming playing League of Legends at the end of Season 3 after the encouragement of friends and solo queue players because he used to play well as Yasuo and other champions like Riven and Zed (he rarely plays with other champions). He initially started on Azubu and soon afterwards migrated to Twitch. Besides to having a good mechanics with his champions, he also attracts the public due to his rage during streams while he is playing and also for his humorous personality. He also says some catch phrases like "MEC" (means worth situations or good things), "coé" (hey), "menó" (guy) and "gastar a onda" (have good time).

Personal Life

Jukes is dating Vitoria.


  • He only plays Yasuo, Riven and Zed during his streams.
  • "Zédon" means Zed, one of his favorite champions.
  • He always says "drink water and eat fruit" to his fans.
  • Jukes is the third most watched Brazilian on Twitch.

Viewers & Subs

As of June 2019, Jukes has a little over 8.200 subscribers and streams to an average of 18600 viewers.[1]

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