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Background Information
NameJimmy Moreno
COBUnited States
BirthdayJanuary 7, 1985 (1985-01-07) (age 35)
Started Streaming8th Mar 2015
Streaming DaysEveryday
Streaming TimeUnknown
Followers1.5 Million
Est. Net WorthUnknown
Streamed Games
Overwatch Icon.png  Dota Icon.png  Fortnite Icon.png  Apex Icon.png  Call of Duty Icon.png  
Social Media

Jimmy "HighDistortion" Moreno is a full-time American Fortnite Twitch streamer for Team SoloMid.


The channel HighDistortion was created on March 8th, 2015. His earliest live moment can be seen on a video on his Twitch channel[1].


HighDistortion was born on January 7th, 1985 in New Jersey. His dedication and impressive in-game skill have helped him become one of the most followed Fortnite channels on Twitch.


HD has had a long Esports career and has played professional Gears of War since its release. His professional GoW career spanned over ten years and he has been on a multitude of teams. He’s also played with and against fellow Fortnite streamer NickMercs with the two being on Team Envyus together at one point. Jimmy would attend many different tournaments over his long GoW career, and these tournaments were known for their confrontations. Teams would regularly get in heated arguments with each other and their aggressive behavior would sometimes get them kicked from the tournaments. After retiring from the GoW scene HD moved onto playing Overwatch and streaming the game. Overwatch would help HD gain many followers on Twitch, but it wasn’t until his switch to Fortnite that his channel blew up.

Following a four-hour suspension in Overwatch, HD decided to really try out Fortnite and enjoyed the game immensely. HD has always loved clutching in games like Fortnite and has consistently played solo squads. Even before clutching in Fortnite Jimmy would seek out the same adrenaline rush when he’d sit in spawn while playing Counter Strike waiting for all his teammates to die so he could 1v4 the game. Crazy tense situations and getting lots of kills has always been part of HighDistortion’s style. In Fortnite, HD was the first player to get 100,000 kills beating out popular streamer Ninja. In October 2018 HighDistortion was signed to Team SoloMid and has participated in many professional Fortnite events such as both the Fall and Summer Skirmishes. HD can be found clutching up games in Fortnite on his Twitch channel where he streams daily to his loyal fans.

Personal Life

Very little is known about HighDistortion’s personal life as he has been a fairly private person on his Twitch channel.


  • Streams without a face cam.
  • Regularly streams alongside Dakotaz.
  • Initially wasn't very interested in Fortnite.

Viewers & Subs

As of June 2019, HighDistortion has a little more than 1,500,000 followers and streams to an average of 5,000 viewers.[2]


  • TUF X299 Mark 2
  • Intel i7-7800X
  • GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • XPG Z1
  • Windows 10
  • WD Black
  • RayStorm D5 AX240
  • Swift PG258Q
  • HD 650
  • Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G502 Hero
  • G640
  • SM7B

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