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Background Information
NameHerschel Guy Beahm
COBUnited States
BirthdayMarch 10, 1982 (1982-03-10) (age 37)
Height6 ft.8 (203 cm)
Started StreamingNov 2, 2010
Streaming DaysEveryday (except weekends)
Streaming Time12pm - TBD EST
Est. Net Worth$3.5 Million
Streamed Games
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Social Media

Herschel "DrDisRespect" Beahm is a full-time American variety streamer.


The channel DrDisrespect was created on November 2nd, 2010.



DrDisrespect was introduced into the gaming scene through Halo 2. Guy Beahm created the DrDisrespect persona so he could fully take advantage of the voice chat feature in Halo 2 on Xbox to intimidate and trash talk his opponents. He gained his first audience when he and some of his friends created a youtube channel in 2010 and introduced the world to the character “Dr Disrespect,” an aggressive gamer with a jet black mustache, sunglasses, and black wig. Beahm would take a break from his Youtube channel to pursue a career in the gaming industry where he helped design maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. DrDisrespect joined Twitch in November of 2010 but it wasn’t until 2015 that it became his full-time job. Beahm's explosive and entertaining character “Dr Disrespect” helped him gain a large following on the platform where he mainly plays battle royale and FPS games.

On December 15, 2017 DrDisrespect admitted to cheating on his wife on stream and announced he would be taking a break from streaming. After spending time with his family, the Doc would ultimately return on February 5, 2018 where he would gain a peak viewership of 388,000 viewers for that stream. On September 11, 2018 an unfortunate incident would occur on stream that caused Beahm to break character and address his chat. An unknown person shot at his house on the 11th and the day before causing a widow to break. [1] On June 11, 2019 DrDisrespect was banned from Twitch following an incident where he live-streamed inside a bathroom at E3. The Doc has remained a staple of Twitch while maintaining a large audience because of his entertaining personality.

Personal Life

After taking a break from streaming in December 2017 Beahm was able to mend his relationship with his wife. He still lives with his wife and daughter in Southern California.


  • Self-proclaimed 2x Blockbuster Games Champion ('93-'94).
  • Won streamer of the year in 2017 at the Esports awards.
  • Calls his mustache the "Slick Daddy."

Viewers & Subs

As of June 2019, DrDisrespect has a little less than 22,000 subscribers and streams to an average of 15,000 viewers.[2]


  • Intel i7-6700K
  • GeForce GTX 1080
  • Dominator Platinum Series
  • Windows 10
  • SM951
  • ROG Swift PG258Q
  • Elite Pro
  • BlackWidow TE Chroma V2
  • DeathAdder Elite
  • C920 HD Pro
  • SM7B

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