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Team eLevate/Xbox

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Team eLevate/Xbox
Team Information
LocationUnited States
Manager(s)Allison "Baegirl" Heatherly
Team CaptainPaul "Paul" Berger
Sponsor(s)G Fuel
Scuf Gaming
Kontrol Freek
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Team eLevate is a North American eSports organization. Aside from a SMITE Xbox team, the team also has divisions for Call of Duty, Halo, and more. For information about their Call of Duty team, see their page on CoD Esportspedia. For information about their Halo team, see their page on Halo Esportspedia.


On July 22nd, Team eLevate acquired the former Aware Gaming roster. After the events of the SWC 2016 Xbox One Invitational (and after several roster changes) the team was let go. On May 7th, Team eLevate acquired the former COGnitive Gaming roster, composing of Paul, Freya, Uzzy, Stormy, and Keegs.


  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role
USA StormyRays Stormy Davis Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA Froyuh Justin Grella Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
Canada paul from pc Paul Berger Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA Zachsy Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA Thoofa Thulfikar Jraidan Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Uzzy Arthur Asherov Template:RoleSortNumber Solo SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming
USA Keegs Keegan Twoeagle Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Logo std2.png Erry Day Carry
USA Uzzy Arthur Ashurov Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Logo std2.png Erry Day Carry
USA elchapoo Andy Leon Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Logo std2.png Erry Day Carry
USA Aggro Ryan Bailey Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Logo std2.png Erry Day Carry
USA ElBrochacho Eric Saavedra Template:RoleSortNumber Support COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
USA Hotbow Daniel Reyes Template:RoleSortNumber Sub Juicelogo std.png Juice Gaming
Venezuela Catalyyyst Stephen Huitt Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Logo std2.png The SamBams
USA Pookabear Drew Nowakowski Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA gustavY Benjamin Lyubarskiy Template:RoleSortNumber Support Releaselogo std.png Release Gaming
Canada Clow Shane Rymkowski Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Releaselogo std.png Release Gaming
USA Yubs Nicholas Yebba Template:RoleSortNumber Sub Morallogo std.png Moral.Radium
USA Echos Chad Ralph Template:RoleSortNumber Support Morallogo std.png Moral.Radium
USA Warmachine Phillip Elam Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Morallogo std.png Moral.Radium
USA Lovellyy Robert Love Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Morallogo std.png Moral.Radium



ID Name Role
USA MaDDoG Brandon Hatfield Chief Executive Officer
USA Mao Robert Wells Chief Administrative Officer
USA FroZnRay Ray Arsenault Chief Operational Officer
USA Baegirl Allison Heatherly Team Manager


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Narrian Chris Spratt Coach
USA Disclaimer Patrick Lovell Team Manager

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2016-01-10 A66 - 7th SWC2016logo small.png SWC 2016 Xbox One Invitational UzzyelchapooAggroCatalyyystElBrochacho $5,000
2015-12-06 A33 - 4th SmiteMLGProLeagueChampionship.png MLG Pro League Championship UzzyelchapooAggroPookabearElBrochacho $5,000
2015-11-20 A55th SmiteMLGProLeague.png MLG Pro League UzzyelchapooAggroPookabearElBrochacho Qualified for MLG Pro League Championship
2015-11-08 A44th UMG.png UMG Invitational UzzyPookabearAggroHotbowgustavY $1,000
2015-10-18 A11st MLGFinals2.png MLG World Finals UzzyelchapooClowPookabeargustavY $10,000

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