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Team CryptiK

Team CryptiK
Team CryptiK.png
Team Information
Location: North America North America
Sponsor: Arma Centrum
Insane Labz
Aporia Customs
Twitter: Team_CryptiK
Created: 2017-08-26


The team went through a series of roster changes and ended up making an entirely new roster towards the end of Season 4. The previous Captain ViviaNx3 kicked 4 players and since then picked up 4 new players who he felt would take the team farther, the new team members decided they needed to bring in Genocide to take ViviaNx3’s spot to put the team in a better position in the SPL. Right after this change the first game with the new roster ended up in a split with SpaceStation Gaming which at the time is ranked top 3 in the NA SPL for Season 4.

CryptiK is composed of veteran Vetium who played for Enemy and placed 2nd at SWC in 2016. Team captain Sam4soccer2 has extensive experience with the former Team Eager. Solo star Fineokay from the aforementioned SpaceStation Gaming whom placed 1st in the 2017 Summer Split. Some of the roster was in the challenger circuit and came up to be a pro team after a series of roster swaps, like the rising Mid talent Shadowchair. Last but not least, ViviaNx3's replacement the new ace guardian "NotGeno" Genocide.


  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

Player Roster


ID Name Role
  Zearoe Alexi Royle Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
  Copebby Matthew Irish Template:RoleSortNumber Jungler
  Sops Isaac Ramirez Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
  Diesel Jack Dauber Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
  Mineral Joseph Espinell Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Role Next Team
  BennyQ Benjamin Qiu Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
  Yujibox Yuji Box Template:RoleSortNumber Jungler
  Relentt Nick Lukashin Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
  Adjust Jared Deline Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
  Metyankey Michael Fasciano Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
  Rachetier Jesse Rhodes Template:RoleSortNumber Support
  Clow Shane Rymkowski Template:RoleSortNumber Mid   arm
  DanteLeFargo Kevin Doobay Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
  DayToRemeber Michael Galvin Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
  Sabbeth Kevin Weir Template:RoleSortNumber Support   voltic
  Plazma Arturo Gamez Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle   Wowy and the Ehs
  sam4soccer2 Samuel Waxman Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle   Very Nice to Me
  ShadowChair Benjamin King Template:RoleSortNumber Mid   Very Nice to Me
  Vetium Conor Roberts Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter   Luminosity Gaming
  Genocide Michael Lukashin Template:RoleSortNumber Support   Luminosity Gaming
  fineokay Alec Fonzo Template:RoleSortNumber Solo   Noble eSports


ID Name Position
  Boston Alex Martinage Owner
  Arxen Mason Mariani CEO
  Yunglad Colin Anderson Coach

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