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SpaceStation Gold

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SpaceStation Gold
Team Information
LocationNorth America
Sponsor(s)hyperx gaming
Social Media

Simplicity is a North American based esports organization which, apart from Smite, has teams in different games such as Gears of War or PUBG.



  • 2019
  • January 3, Spacestation Gold announces they will join the NA SML for season 6.
  • February 18, Mattypocket, ElChapo, Uzzy, Oswaald, and Masked join.

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
18/02/2019 USA Uzzy Arthur Ashurov Solo
18/02/2019 USA Masked Suharab Askarzada Jungle
18/02/2019 Colombia ElChapo Andy Leon Mid
18/02/2019 USA Oswaald Sam Rojas Hunter
18/02/2019 USA Mattypocket Matthew Paquette Support


Date Left Player Role New Team
2018-06-26 USA RussianPapi Solo CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK
2018-06-26 USA Grave Jungle Logo std2.png F-Zero
2018-06-26 USA CaptainFalcon Mid Logo std2.png F-Zero
2018-06-26 USA Iceman Hunter Logo std2.png F-Zero
2018-06-26 USA Viper Support Logo std2.png F-Zero
2018-06-26 North America Haddix Solo Logo std2.png The Ranked Allstars
2018-06-26 North America Glaivus Jungle Logo std2.png The Ranked Allstars
2018-06-26 North America Amuel Mid Logo std2.png Anxiety Onset
2018-06-26 North America Fraison Hunter Logo std2.png The Ranked Allstars
2018-06-26 North America slothy Support
2018-06-26 USA RiskyAce Hunter
2018-06-26 USA Mortbklyn Support
USA Uzzy Solo
2018-06-26 USA Akillathehun Jungle
Colombia Elchapo Mid Astrallogo std.png Astral
2018-06-26 USA Xeno Hunter Retired.png Retired
2018-06-26 USA Incon Support Retired.png Retired
2018-06-26 USA Plazma Jungle CRPTKlogo std.png CRPTK



Real Name IGN Position
USA Shaun McBride Shonduras Owner
USA Shawn Pellerin Unit GM

Tournament History