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SMITE Pro League/Season 3/Latin America/South/Split 1 Qualifiers/Open Qualifier

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Season 3 CSL South Split 1 Qualifiers
Open Qualifier
League Information
Organizer: Level Up! Games
Hi-Rez Studios
Event Type: Online
Format: Single Elimination
Start Date: 2016-03-14
End Date: 2016-03-17
Links: Website



  • Open to all teams (but pre-qualified CSL teams)
  • Single elimination
  • Top 3 advance to the main event

Qualifying Teams

The following teams advance to CSL South Split 1 Qualifier:

Place Team
Q IESlogo std.png Ivyaert E-Sports
RToMlogo std.png RoadToMaster
Blanklogo std.png TBD


Notable Teams (8)
Logo std2.png Faltan 5 Pe IESlogo std.png Ivyaert E-Sports
JVNVIlogo std.png JovenesNavi Logo std2.png Lol cave
MTraplogo std.png Mortal Trap Logo std2.png Poison Gaming
RToMlogo std.png RoadToMaster Logo std2.png Toxic Gamers


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  JVNVIlogo std.png JVNVI
  JVNVIlogo std.png JVNVI 0
  Logo std2.png Faltan 5 Pe 1
  G3Glogo std.png G3G 0
  Logo std2.png Faltan 5 Pe 1
  Logo std2.png Faltan 5 Pe 0
  RToMlogo std.png RToM 1
  RToMlogo std.png RToM
  RToMlogo std.png RToM 1
  Logo std2.png Toxic Gamers 0
  Logo std2.png Toxic Gamers
  RToMlogo std.png RToM 0
  IESlogo std.png iES 1
  IESlogo std.png iES
  IESlogo std.png iES 1
  Logo std2.png Poison Gaming 0
  Logo std2.png Poison Gaming 1
  Logo std2.png Full Burst 0
  IESlogo std.png iES 1
3rd place match
  MTraplogo std.png MTrap 0
  MTraplogo std.png MTrap   Logo std2.png Faltan 5 Pe
  BYE   MTraplogo std.png MTrap
  MTraplogo std.png MTrap 1
  Logo std2.png Lol cave 0
  Logo std2.png Tigers of Death 0
  Logo std2.png Lol cave 1

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