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|country = United States
|country = United States
|bday = {{bday|y=1999|m=11|d=8}}
|bday = {{bday|y=1999|m=11|d=8}}
|favgod = Thor
|favgod = Hades
|favgod2 =
|favgod2 = Ah Muzen Cab
|favgod3 =
|favgod3 =
|favgod4 =
|favgod4 =

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Overview   Statistics   Match History    

Homiefe{{#set:Player-ID=Homiefe }}{{#set:Player-ID-String=Homiefe }}
Background Information
Name: Alexander D'Souza{{#set:Player-Name=Alexander D'Souza }}
Country of Birth: United States USA{{#set:Player-Country=USA United States }}{{#set:Player-Country2=United States}}
Birthday: November 8, 1999{{#set:Player-birthdate::November 8, 1999}}
Team: SoaR Gaming{{#set:Player-Team=SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming}}{{#set:Player-Team-String=SoaR Gaming }}{{#set:Player-Team2=SoaR Gaming }}
Favorite Gods: {{#set:Player-Favgod=Hades}} {{#set:Player-Favgod2=Ah Muzen Cab}} 
Alternate IDs: Sikandara {{#set:Player-altIDs=Sikandara }}
Hirez Profile: Homiefe
Guru Profile: Homiefe
Social Media and Links
Twitter: SoaRHomiefe
Team History
Mar 2014 - Sep 2014TRlogo std.png Team ReturN
Nov 2014 - Jan 2015Famlogo std.png Five Angry Men
Jan 2015 - Apr 2015Logo std2.png Team Nomad
Apr 2015 - Aug 2015COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming
Oct 2015 - Jan 2016XGNlogo std.png XGN
Oct 2015 - Jan 2016Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
Jan 2016 - Mar 2016Logo std2.png Problem Solved
Mar 2016 - PresentSoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming

Alexander "Homiefe" D'Souza is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing jungle for SoaR Gaming.


Alexander Daniel D'Souza was born and raised in Monte Sereno, California in the United States. He started playing games when he was 6. He played a lot of games: most of the Mario Kart games, Super Mario Bros games, Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, Call of Duty, Halo, then finally Smite. His favorite game series is Pokémon. He is currently attending high school and plays basketball for fun outside of gaming. He got into competitive Smite when Clow got him on the amateur team ReturN, but did not play professionally until COGnitive Gaming. When the captain, Jigz, left, Homiefe filled his spot.

On July 23rd, Homiefe returned to his role as jungler for COGnitive Gaming.[1] Three weeks later, only days before the start of SPL Season 2 NA Fall, he was released from COGnitive Gaming together with the rest of the lineup.[2] He also changed his name to Sikandara. On October 3rd, 2015 it was announced Sikandara would replace Shing on Denial eSports.[3]

On October 28th, XGN announced a new roster containing members from Denial eSports, including Sikandara, who would play in the MLG Pro League. This led to a mutual fuss between the old XGN players and the organization. Eventually the new roster wouldn't play due to the MLG Pro League rules not allowing full roster swaps without consent of all the current players. However, the old roster could not win their first competitive match so they decided to disband and hand the spot in the MLG Pro League back to XGN. XGN then created a team with the roster of Denial members. On XGN, Homiefe and the rest of his team placed sixth/seventh in the Xbox One Invitational, afterward, they left XGN to rejoin Denial for Season 3 PC Smite. Shortly afterward, Homiefe left Denial to play with his friends on Problem Solved.


  • His name "Homiefe" comes from being a fan of SlyFoxHound (who calls his fans Homies) and his favorite element being iron (Fe). He put those together to form Homiefe.
  • Was notable as a "ranked troll" before he played competitively as a mid or jungler.

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-03-06 I1Q SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 NA SPL Spring Relegations Logo std2.png Problem Solved BaskinHurriwindMetyankeyJigz
2016-01-10 A66 - 7th SWC2016logo small.png SWC 2016 Xbox One Invitational XGNlogo std.png XGN PolarBearMikeMacetodafaceBronxBombersShadowq
2015-12-06 A33 - 4th SmiteMLGProLeagueChampionship.png MLG Pro League Championship XGNlogo std.png XGN drayloMacetodafaceBronxBombersShadowq
2015-11-20 A22nd SmiteMLGProLeague.png MLG Pro League XGNlogo std.png XGN drayloMacetodafaceBronxBombersShadowq
2015-10-25 A77th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Fall Split Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports WhalrusMacetodafaceBronxBombersShadowq
2015-08-01 I1Q SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Fall Relegations COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming BaskintodafaceHurriwindFaymousHateWubbn
2015-06-28 A77th SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 NA Summer COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming MeerkatbchmHurriwindFaymousHate

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