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Gears of Fate Cognitive Gaming Invitational/Team Rosters

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Overview   Team Rosters   Picks & Bans   VoDs    

AFKlogo std.png AFK Gaming

ID Name Role
USA CycloneSpin  Jared Nguyen  Solo
USA Weak3n  Kurt Schray  Jungle
USA KikiOrNah  Ismael Torres  Mid
USA Allied  David Hance  Hunter
USA Incon  Riley Unzelman  Support

C9logo std.png Cloud9

ID Name Role
South Korea Baskin  Woonyoung Kim  Solo
USA Andinster  Andrew Woodward  Jungle
USA MLCSt3alth  Brett Felley  Mid
USA BaRRaCCuDDa  John Salter  Hunter
USA JeffHindla  Rosario Vilardi  Support

COGlogo std.png COGnitive Gaming

ID Name Role
USA Meerkat  Tyler Jensen  Solo
USA djpernicus  Cody Tyson  Jungle
USA TheBest  Jeremy Dailey  Mid
USA Cabom  Christian Dura  Hunter
USA Aror  Max Jackson  Support

Egrlogo std.png Team Eager

ID Name Role
USA 0mega  Ryan Johnson‏  Solo
USA Daretocare  Brendan Daniels  Jungle
USA Lassiz  Drew Boyd  Mid
USA Zapman  Steven Zapas  Hunter
USA PolarBearMike  Michael Heiss  Support

TSMlogo std.png Team SoloMid

ID Name Role
Canada Divios  Nicklaus Neumeyer  Solo
USA DaGarz  Peter Gary  Jungle
Canada Snoopy  Evan Jones  Mid
Canada Eonic  Sinjin Thorpe  Hunter
USA Jigz  Connor Echols  Support