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BkHaste{{#set:Player-ID=BkHaste }}{{#set:Player-ID-String=BkHaste }}
Background Information
Name: Brandon Cain{{#set:Player-Name=Brandon Cain }}
Country of Birth: United States USA{{#set:Player-Country=USA United States }}{{#set:Player-Country2=United States}}
Birthday: August 18, 1998{{#set:Player-birthdate::August 18, 1998}}
Team: Aware Gaming{{#set:Player-Team=AwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming}}{{#set:Player-Team-String=Aware Gaming }}{{#set:Player-Team2=Aware Gaming }}
Role: Mid {{#set:Player-Position=Mid }}
Favorite Gods: {{#set:Player-Favgod=Agni}} {{#set:Player-Favgod2=Poseidon}} 
Hirez Profile: BkHaste
Guru Profile: BkHaste
Social Media and Links
Twitter: bksmite
Team History
Logo std2.png P7
Logo std2.png Digisurge
Torchlogo std.png Torch
Logo std2.png Torch Zero
Logo std2.png MiMiC Esports
Logo std2.png Asgard Gaming
Logo std2.png Digisurge
Jan 2015 - July 2015Noblelogo std.png Noble eSports
Nov 2015 - Dec 2015OSlogo std.png Onslaught eSports
Dec 2015 - PresentAwGlogo std.png Aware Gaming

Brandon "BkHaste" Cain is an American SMITE player. He is currently playing mid for the Aware Gaming Xbox team.


BkHaste has been playing video games since he was 10. He used to play a lot of Call of Duty before going into SMITE. He played SMITE from closed beta and always wanted to be a pro at a video game.


  • He likes to play baseball and basketball
  • He used to play both support and jungle before going into mid lane

Team and Tournament History

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