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The Template:Color is used mostly to represent event standings through color codes.


Adding |bg=proceed, |bg=stayup, |bg=staydown, or |bg=down to the end of a GroupTableSlot should be used depending on the previous match results.


An example of Template:Color being implemented can be found at Season 3 NA LCS - Spring

Season Rankings
1. TSMlogo std.png Team SoloMid †* 21-7 75%
2. Crslogo std.png Curse Gaming †* 19-9 68%
3. Dlogo std.png Dignitas 17-11 61%
4. CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming 13-15 46%
5. Logo std2.png vulcun 12-16 43%
6. Logo std2.png ggu 11-17 39%
7. Logo std2.png mrn 10-18 36%
8. CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming 9-19 32%