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SMITE Combine/Season 6/North America/Tournament 1/Week 2

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<!-- ROUND OF 32 (Ro32) -->
|R1D1= '''OhHey''' |R1D1score='''1'''|R1D2= Freshmeat |R1D2score=0|R1D3= GAME2 |R1D3score=0|R1D4= '''Exilium Blue''' |R1D4score='''1'''|R1D5= '''Wait This Isn't Apex Legends''' |R1D5score='''1'''|R1D6= No Capping |R1D6score=0|R1D7= '''40 IQ Overlords''' |R1D7score='''1'''|R1D8= No Surrender |R1D8score=0|R1D9= '''Marc Fan Club''' |R1D9score='''1'''|R1D10= PriorityQ |R1D10score=0|R1D11= '''Triple T''' |R1D11score='''1'''|R1D12= Decimategg |R1D12score=0|R1D13= '''Friendly Fellas''' |R1D13score='''1'''|R1D14= Mystery Gaming |R1D14score=0|R1D15= '''In Memory of Peny''' |R1D15score='''1'''|R1D16= Snipe eSports |R1D16score=0|R1D17= '''Joe's Retirement Home''' |R1D17score='''1'''|R1D18= Dirt monkeys |R1D18score=0|R1D19= Da Rubber Ducks |R1D19score=0|R1D20= '''Loto Gaming''' |R1D20score='''1'''|R1D21= '''The Byco Boys''' |R1D21score='''1'''|R1D22= Guan Yu Mains |R1D22score=0|R1D23= '''Horizon''' |R1D23score='''1'''|R1D24= Vendetta Esports |R1D24score=0|R1D25= '''Rachetiers Cat''' |R1D25score='''1'''|R1D26= ToxicGang |R1D26score=0|R1D27= Black Pearl Gaming |R1D27score=0|R1D28= '''Combine Heels''' |R1D28score='''1'''|R1D29= '''Lightweight Baby''' |R1D29score='''1'''|R1D30= The Joeys (Outlaws) |R1D30score=0|R1D31= Rage eSports |R1D31score=0|R1D32= '''Conquest Esports''' |R1D32score='''1'''
<!-- ROUND OF 16 (Ro16) -->
|R2W1= '''OhHey''' |R2W1score='''1'''|R2W2= Exilium Blue |R2W2score=0|R2W3= Wait This Isn't Apex Legends |R2W3score=0|R2W4= '''40 IQ Overlords''' |R2W4score='''1'''|R2W5= Marc Fan Club |R2W5score=0|R2W6= '''Triple T''' |R2W6score='''1'''|R2W7= '''Friendly Fellas''' |R2W7score='''1'''|R2W8= In Memory of Peny |R2W8score=0|R2W9= '''Joe's Retirement Home''' |R2W9score='''1'''|R2W10= Loto Gaming |R2W10score=0|R2W11= '''The Byco Boys''' |R2W11score='''1'''|R2W12= Horizon |R2W12score=0|R2W13= '''Rachetiers Cat''' |R2W13score='''1'''|R2W14= Combine Heels |R2W14score=0|R2W15= '''Lightweight Baby''' |R2W15score='''1'''|R2W16= Conquest Esports |R2W16score=0
|R3W1= OhHey |R3W1score=0|R3W2= '''40 IQ Overlords''' |R3W2score='''1'''|R3W3= '''Triple T''' |R3W3score='''1'''|R3W4= Friendly Fellas |R3W4score=0|R3W5= '''Joe's Retirement Home''' |R3W5score='''1'''|R3W6= The Byco Boys |R3W6score=0|R3W7= '''Rachetiers Cat''' |R3W7score='''1'''|R3W8= Lightweight Baby |R3W8score=0
|R4W1= '''40 IQ Overlords''' |R4W1score='''2'''|R4W2= Triple T |R4W2score=0|R4W3= Joe's Retirement Home |R4W3score=0|R4W4= '''Rachetiers Cat''' |R4W4score='''2'''
<!-- FINAL MATCH -->
|R5W1= 40 IQ Overlords |R5W1score=1|R5W2= '''Rachetiers Cat''' |R5W2score='''2'''
<!-- 3RD PLACE (optional) -->
|R5D1= Triple T |R5D1score=0|R5D2= '''Joe's Retirement Home''' |R5D2score='''1'''
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