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|title=NotGeno - Bio, Mains and Stats - Smite Esports Wiki - Esportspedia
|keywords=NotGeno,NotGeno smite, smite notgeno, genocide smite, lg notgeno, luminosity notgeno, luminosity gaming notgeno, notgeno age, notgeno info, notgeno bio
|description=NotGeno (Michael Lukashin) is an American SMITE player, currently playing support for Luminosity Gaming. Check out NotGeno’s bio, age, team, stats and much more!
{{Infobox Player
|id = GenocideNotGeno
|image = Logo.jpg
|name = Michael Lukashin
|team = Free AgentLuminosity Gaming
|role = Support
|country = USA
|stream =
|twitter = NotGenoSmite
|reddit =
|instagram =
|teamdate1 = Feb 2017 - March 2017
|teamhist2 = Team CryptiK
|teamdate2 = Oct 2017 - PresentFeb 2018|teamhist3 = Luminosity Gaming |teamdate3 = Mar 2018 - '''Present'''
|teamhist4 =
|teamdate4 =
Firstname Michael "'''NicknameNotGeno'''" Lastname Luksshin is a #Nationality# an American SMITE player. He is currently playing #position# support for [[TEAMLuminosity Gaming]].
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