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The Randozos

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* April 20th, {{bl|Whalrus}} joins. [[ScaryD]] moves to support.<ref name="whalrusleave">[ Whalrus joins The Randozos]</ref>
* May 4th, {{bl|Leftsyndrome}} joins. [[ScaryD]] leaves.
* June 4th, roster acquired by {{bl|Enhanced Gaming Esports}}. [[Whalrus]], [[Skeeledon]], and [[ADUR0]], and leave. [[Meerkat]] leave. retires, [[Leftsyndrome]] leaves.<ref name="egesmite">[ Enhanced Gaming Esports acquires The Randozos]</ref>
{{listplayer|Skeeledon|us|David Dougherty|Jungle|newteam=ege }}
{{listplayer|ADUR0|us|Elijah Ashton|Mid|newteam=ege }}
{{listplayer|Meerkat|us|Tyler Jensen|Hunter|newteam=ege retired }}
{{listplayer|Leftsyndrome|us||Support|newteam=none }}
{{listplayer|ScaryD|us|Ronald Belair|Support|newteam=lg }}

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