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SMITE Masters 2016

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** Winner of [[SMITE Pro League/Season 3/Brazil/Split 1 Playoffs|2016 BGL Split 1 Playoffs]]
* Single Elimination
** All The teams except from Brazil and Latin America and Brazil receive are placed into a bye into Placement Round** All matches are Best-of-3, except the QuarterfinalsFinals (Best-of-5) === Talent Lineup ===* Amanda "[[HiRezAmanda]]" Erickson - ''Host''* Kevin "[[Adanas]]" Meier - ''Commentator''* Thom "[[F.]]" Badinger - ''Commentator''* Graham "[[Hinduman]]" Hadfield - ''Commentator''* Simon "[[Zimpstar]]" Hagert - ''Commentator''
=== Prize Pool ===

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