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Team BM/Xbox

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|neworg = eXcellence Gaming/Xbox
|name= Team BM/Xbox
|location= United Kingdom
|created= 2016-03-19
'''Team BM''' is was a British SMITE Xbox team.
== History ==
* March 19th, '''Team BM''' is formed. {{bl|Predators}}, {{bl|Airbrushd}}, {{bl|Farleehz}}, {{bl|SlapHead49er}}, and {{bl|Mr Turtle I}} join.
* June 1st, {{bl|Lycan}}, {{bl|Inoziaa}}, and {{bl|Herp}} join. [[Airbrushd]], [[SlapHead49er]], and [[Mr Turtle I]] leave.
* June 6th, roster acquired by {{bl|eXcellence Gaming/Xbox{{!}}eXcellence Gaming}}. [[Predators]], [[Lycan]], [[Farleehz]], [[Inoziaa]], and [[Herp]] leave.
== Player Roster ==
{|class="sortable wikitable"
</onlyinclude>{{listplayer|Predators|uk|James Rankin|Solo }}
{{listplayer|Lycan|uk|Dylan Watson|Jungle }}
{{listplayer|Farleehz|uk|Liam Farley|Mid }}
{{listplayer|Inoziaa|uk|Thomas Jess|Hunter }}
{{listplayer|Herp|uk|Hamish Gibbons|Support }}</onlyinclude>
!Next Team
{{listplayer|Predators|uk|James Rankin|Solo|newteam=ex }}
{{listplayer|Lycan|uk|Dylan Watson|Jungle|newteam=ex }}
{{listplayer|Farleehz|uk|Liam Farley|Mid|newteam=ex }}
{{listplayer|Inoziaa|uk|Thomas Jess|Hunter|newteam=ex }}
{{listplayer|Herp|uk|Hamish Gibbons|Support|newteam=ex }}
{{listplayer|Airbrushd|uk|James Tooke|Jungle|newteam=none }}
{{listplayer|SlapHead49er|uk||Hunter|newteam=none }}

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