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{{Infobox #seo:|title=Duck3y - Bio, Mains and Stats - Smite Esports Wiki - Esportspedia|titlemode=replace|keywords=Duck3y, duck3y smite, smite duck3y, tfect duck3y, trifecta duck3y, duck3y age, duck3y info, duck3y bio|description=Duck3y (James Heseltine) is a British SMITE player, currently playing solo for Trifecta. Check out Duck3y’s bio, age, team, stats and much more!}} {{Playerinfo
|id = Duck3y
|image = Logo.jpg
|name = James Heseltine
|team = Spicy WafflesTrifecta
|role = Solo
|country = United Kingdom
|bday birthday = {{bdayBirth date and age|y=1998|m=11|d15|mf=15yes}}
|favgod = Fenrir
|favgod2 =
|favgod4 =
|hirezprofile = Duck3y
|stream twitch =someonetookduck3y
|twitter = SomeoneTookDuck
|instagram =
|facebook =
|teamhist1 history={{member|team= Septem Seven|teamdate1 start_date= Jun 2015 - |stop_date=Aug 2015|role=}}{{member|teamhist2 team= Moxies|teamdate2 start_date= Aug 2015- |stop_date=Oct 2015|role=}}{{member|teamhist3 team= VwS Gaming|teamdate3 start_date= Oct 2015 - |stop_date=Nov 2015|role=}}{{member|teamhist4 team= dCypher eSports|teamdate4 start_date= Nov 2015 - |stop_date=Dec 2015|role=}}{{member|teamhist5 team= VwS Gaming|teamdate5 start_date= Dec 2015 - |stop_date=Jan 2016|role=}}{{member|teamhist6 team= Team Astro|teamdate6 start_date= Jan 2016 - |stop_date=Feb 2016|role=}}{{member|teamhist7 team= Spicy Waffles|start_date=Feb 2016|stop_date=Jul 2016|role=}}{{member|team=Team Dignitas|start_date=Jul 2016|stop_date=Jan 2017|role=}}{{member|team=Novus Orsa|start_date=Feb 2017|stop_date=Feb 2017|role=}}{{member|team=Lion Guard eSports|start_date=Feb 2017|stop_date=Apr 2017|role=}}{{member|team=Eanix|start_date=Apr 2017|stop_date=Aug 2017|role=}}{{member|team=Valance Squad|start_date=Aug 2017|teamdate7 stop_date= Feb 2016 - ''Present''2018|role=}}{{member|team=SK Gaming|start_date=Feb 2018|stop_date=Dec 2018|role=}}{{member|team=Trifecta|start_date=Jan 2019|stop_date=Aug 2019|role=}}{{member|team=Obey|start_date=Aug 2019|stop_date=|role=}}
}}[[Category:European Players]]
James "'''Duck3y'''" Heseltine is a British SMITE player. He is currently playing solo for [[Spicy WafflesTrifecta]].

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