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Looking for Mid

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|name= Looking For Mid
|location= Europe
|image= GREENMAGELOGO.png|coaches= Rodin, Aintaine"'''Sharp'''" Khudadad <br>
|manager= Aintaine
|captain= Tom '''"SirDuckBot"''' Cope
Team Looking for Mid was formed a team under the original name "FDOT. Later agreeing and settling on the new name '''Looking For Mid'''".
== History ==
Two weeks after forming, the team advanced to the finals in the EGL for two consecutive weeks.
===Season 2 - Fall Challenger Cup EU===
During week 1 of the [[SMITE_Pro_League/Season_2/Europe/Fall_Challenger| Fall Challenger Cup]], '''Looking for Mid''' were able to advance to the quarterfinals.
* September 1st, '''FDOT''' is formed. {{solobl|dFreddyy}}, {{bl|Alexi}}, {{bl|FeelsJohnCenaMan0}}, {{bl|SirDuckBot}} and {{bl|Squiid}} join.* September 10th, [[SirDuckBot]] moves to solo, [[dFreddyy]] moves to jungle, [[Alexi]] moves to support.
* September 24th, {{bl|CrimsonSkull}} joins. [[Alexi]] leaves.
* September 27th, [[Dandy]] leaves.
{{listplayer|SirDuckBot|gb|Tom Cope|Solo }}{{listplayer|dFreddyy|pt|Frederico|Jungle }}{{listplayer|FeelsJohnCenaManPogChamp|wa|Dylan|Mid }}{{listplayer|Squiid|gb|Josh|Hunter }}{{listplayer|CrimsonSkull|gb||Support }}{{listplayer|Cooijman|nl||Sub }}
!Next Team
{{listplayer|Alexi|gb|Alexi Royle|Sub|newteam=Le Towel Squad o/Reason Gaming}}{{listplayer|Dandy|gb|Dylan Adams|Sub|newteam=bilgeSports}}{{listplayer|Cooijman|nl||Sub| }}
{{listplayer|Aintaine|gb||'''Manager / Coach''' }}
{{listplayer|Sharp|nl|Rodin Khudadad|'''Coach''' }}
{{listplayer|FeelsHoekMan|nl||'''Analyst''' }}

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