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Looking for Mid

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|name= Looking For Mid [LFMid]
|location= Europe
|image= GREENMAGELOGO.png|coaches= Rodin, Aintaine"'''Sharp'''" Khudadad <br>
|manager= Aintaine
|captain= Tom '''"SirDuckBot"''' Cope
|twitter= @dFreddyy @SirDuckBot @LFM_Panface1 @SmiteSquiid @CrimsonSkull_
|created= September 1st
Team Looking for Mid was formed a team under the original name "FDOT, later Team Danknitas. Got twice to finals on EGL in the first two weeks after forming. Later agreeing on the new name Looking For Mid".
== History ==
Two weeks after forming, the team advanced to the finals in the EGL for two consecutive weeks.
===Season 2 - Fall Challenger Cup EU===Week During week Top 8of the [[SMITE_Pro_League/Season_2/Europe/Fall_Challenger| Fall Challenger Cup]], losing '''Looking for Mid''' were able to advance to Team Bizarre in quarter-finalsthe quarterfinals.
== Timeline ==
* September 1st, '''FDOT''' is formed. {{solobl|dFreddyy}}, {{junglebl|Alexi}}, {{midbl|FeelsJohnCenaMan0}}, {{supportbl|SirDuckBot}} and {{adcbl|Squiid}} join.* September 10th, Extended role swaps translate into a different roster. {{[[SirDuckBot]] moves to solo|SirDuckBot}}, {{[[dFreddyy]] moves to jungle|dFreddyy}}, {{mid|FeelsJohnCenaMan0}}[[Alexi]] moves to support.* September 24th, {{supportbl|AlexiCrimsonSkull}} and {{adc|Squiid}}* September 24th, joins. [[Alexi]] leaves. '''[[CrimsonSkull]]''' joins.* September 27th, Team reaches top 8 in the first week of Season 2 EU Fall Challengers Cup[[Dandy]] leaves.
{{listplayer|SirDuckBot|gb|TommyTom Cope|Solo }}{{listplayer|dFreddyy|pt|Frederico|Jungle }}{{listplayer|FeelsJohnCenaManPogChamp|gbwa|Pan FaceDylan|Mid }}{{listplayer|Squiid|gb|Joshxy1Josh|Hunter }}{{listplayer|Crimson SkullCrimsonSkull|gb|Brainy Fella|Support }}|} ===Inactive==={|class="sortable wikitable"!!ID!Name!Role{{listplayer|Cooijman|nl|Cooij|Flex/Solo }}
!Next Team
{{listplayer|Alexi|gb|AlexAlexi Royle|FlexSub|newteam=Le Towel Squad o/Reason Gaming}}{{listplayer|Dandy|gb|Dylan Adams|Sub|newteam=bilgeSports}}{{listplayer|Cooijman|nl||Sub| }}
{{listplayersplistplayer|Aintaine|gb|Aintaine|'''Manager / Coach''' }}{{listplayersplistplayer|Sharp|nl|RodinKhudadad|'''Coach''' }}{{listplayer|FeelsHoekMan|nl||'''Analyst''' }}
== Team Achievements ==
{{THRow|2015-09-27|EU Season 2 Fall Challenger Cup first week|{{teammates|SirDuckBot|dFreddyy|FeelsJohnCenaMan|CrimsonSkull|Squiid}}|}}
== Highlight Videos ==
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