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SK Gaming

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{{Infobox_Team#seo:|title=SK Gaming - Roster, Members and Stats - Smite Esports Wiki - Esportspedia|titlemode=replace|keywords=skg, sk gaming, skg smite, sk gaming smite, sk gaming team, sk gaming players, sk gaming roster, sk gaming line-up, sk gaming members|description=SK Gaming is an International multi-gaming esports team based in Germany, currently competing in professional Smite. Check out SKG's current roster, members, history, stats and much more!}} {{Team info
|name= SK Gaming
|location= Germany
|image=Sk logo.png
|coachescoach= Joshua '''ElChuckles''' Bruce
|captain= RealzxEmil '''"Lawbster"''' Evensen|website=
|facebook= SK Gaming|twitter= SKGaming
|sponsor= [ Intel] <br/> [ HyperX] <br/> [ Medion] <br/> [ ASRock] <br/> [ Gamed] <br/> [ In Win] <br/> [ Mionix]
|created= 1997 Organization<br/>2012 SMITE Division
|trades= 2013-Nov-27 Team Disbands <br/> 2014-Feb-17 Sign the roster of [[TeamQ]] <br/>2015-Mar-7 Roster acquired by [[Fnatic]]
}}[[Category:European Teams]]
'''SK Gaming''' is an international multi-gaming organization, located in Oberhausen, Germany. The team was founded in 1997, under the name 'Schroet Kommando.' SK Gaming currently has multiple teams represented in many different eSports titles, such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, and more. The organization entered the SMITE scene in 2012.
== History ==
===Pre Launch===
SK Gaming was the first major organization to acquire a SMITE team, first acquiring a team in 2012, during the game's closed beta.<!--include initial roster here if possible--> Accomplishing excellent results in online play, the team was able to continue that success in their first major LAN when they took 2nd at the [[Gamescom 2013 InvitationInvitational]], narrowly losing to [[Cognitive COGnitive EU]] 2-1 in a best-of-3 grand finals. In November, the team hit a standstill when team captain, [[Psiyo]], decided to step down from his leadership role.<ref></ref> The team decided to leave the organization, and started their own team, [[Azzur]].
In February, the organization decided to pick up [[TeamQ]],<!--again include roster if you can--> who were seen as serious contenders to place highly in the consisting of [[Realzx]], [[CaptainTwig]], [[Badgah]], [[enQu]], and [[SMITE Launch TournamentprOxyQQ]]. <ref></ref> After qualifying as the 3rd seed from Europe, the team went on to place 4th in the Launch Tournament, as they fell to [[Team Dignitas]] in the losers bracket.
===Season 1===
After the Launch Tournament, [[EnQuenQu]] left the team and join [[Cloud9Cloud 9]], while [[proxyQQprOxyQQ]] wanted to leave the jungle and so left the team to be a free agent. SK filled their open spots with two players who had very minimal competitive experience: [[Zyrhoes]] joined as the new jungler, while [[ManiaKK]] took over in the solo lane. After a rough regular season, the team was forced into the [[EU SMITE Pro League/Season 1/Europe/Wildcards]],<!--this probably needs a more specific name, write it as [[more specific name|EU Wildcards]]--> , from which they qualified with a first-place finish to the [[SMITE Pro League/Season 1 EU Regional Championship/Europe/Regionals|Regional Championship]]. At the Regional Championship, SK Gaming finished second and qualified for the [[SMITE World Championship2015]].
The team went on to beat both [[We Love Bacon]] from Brazil, and [[Cognitive COGnitive Red]] to advance to the SWC semifinals. before falling to [[Titan eSports]] and then [[Cognitive COGnitive Red]], both with 0-2 records.
===Season 2===
After taking 4th in the [[SMITE World Championship]], the team chose to make a role swap and move [[CaptainTwig]] into the jungle and put [[Zyrhoes]] into the mid lane.  On March 7th the roster of SK was acquired by [[Fnatic]].
===Season 5===
On January 10th, 2018, the SPL announced that SK Gaming would acquire a spot in the Season 5 SPL, which would follow a more franchise-style program than previous seasons. A month later, SK announced that they acquired the roster of {{bl|Valance Squad}}, and in a surprise twist, brought back long time player {{bl|Badgah}} to play support, as the team dumped their provious support two months ealrier.
== Timeline ==
* August 25, '''2nd Place''' at the [[Gamescom 2013 Invitational]].
* November 27, team consisting of [[Psiyo]], [[Suntouch]], [[Smek]], and [[Xaliea]], [[Ghortak]] leave SK and create [[Azzur]]. [[Ghortak]] leaves.
* Februrary 17, SK signs the roster of [[TeamQ]], consisting of [[Realzx]], [[CaptainTwig]], [[BadgerBadgah]], [[EnQuenQu]], and [[proxyQQprOxyQQ]].
* March 30, '''4th Place''' at the [[SMITE Launch Tournament]].
* April, [[EnQuenQu]] and [[proxyQQprOxyQQ]] leave. Replaced by [[Zyrhoes]] and [[ManiaKK]].* August 9, '''1st Place''' at the [[SPL Season 1 EU SPL Kick-Off LAN]]* November 11, '''2nd Place''' at [[SPL Season 1 EU Regionals]] and qualify for the [[SMITE World Championship2015]].
* January 1111th, '''4th Place''' at the [[SMITE World Championship2015]].
* February, [[Zyrhoes]] and [[CaptainTwig]] swap roles leaving them in the mid and jungle, respectively.
* March 7th, Roster gets acquired by [[Fnatic]].
* January 10th, '''SK Gaming''' acquires a spot in [[SMITE Pro League/2018 Season/Europe|2018 EU SPL]].<ref name="sk2018">[ SK Gaming aquires EU Spot in SPL 2018]</ref>
* February 22nd, {{bl|Duck3y}}, {{bl|Faeles}}, {{bl|Lawbster}}, {{bl|Funballer}}, and {{bl|Badgah}} join.<ref name="sk2018roster">[ SK Gaming Returns to SMITE]</ref>
* April 3rd, {{bl|Badgah}} is benched. {{bl|WhoDaBest}} joins.
* April 21st, {{bl|Badgah}} leaves.
* May 24th, {{bl|WhoDaBest}} leaves.
* May 27th, {{bl|HalfDevil}} joins.
* December 5th, {{bl|Lawbster}} retires.
*January 10th, [[SK Gaming]] acquires previous [[Trifecta]] roster, {{bl|ScaryD}}, {{bl|sam4soccer2}}, {{bl|Paul}}, {{bl|Zapman}} and {{bl|NeiruMah}}
* September 11th, {{bl|ElChuckles}} joins as coach.
{|class="sortable wikitable"!!ID!Name!Role{RosterCurrent}}{{listplayerRCurrent|date=2019/01/10|ManiaKKflag=us|ptign=ScaryD|João Ferreiraname=Ronald Belair|role=Solo|{{{1}}} }}{{listplayerRCurrent|CaptainTwigdate=2019/01/10|flag=us|ukign=sam4soccer2|Benjamin Knightname=Samuel Waxman|role=Jungle|{{{1}}} }}{{listplayerRCurrent|Zyrhoesdate=2019/01/10|seflag=canada|Joakim Verngrenign=Paul|name=Paul Berger|role=Mid|{{{1}}} }}{{listplayerRCurrent|date=2019/01/10|Realzxflag=us|ukign=Zapman|Marcus Viningname=Steven Zapas|role=Hunter|{{{1}}} }}{{listplayerRCurrent|Badgahdate=2019/01/10|noflag=canada|ign=NeiruMah|Bo Katzenmaiername=Neil Mah|role=Support|}}{{{1}}} RosterEnd}}|}  
{{RFormer|date=2018/04/03|flag=no|ign=Badgah|role=Support|nrole=|team=Victorious Secret}}
{{RFormer|date=?|flag=no|ign=Gorthak|role=Support|nrole=|team=Team Coast}}
{{RFormer|date=2014|flag=de|ign=prOxyQQ|role=Jungle|nrole=|team=Team Kicked}}
{|class="sortable wikitable"!!ID!Name!Role!Next Team{{listplayer|Xaliea|nl|Jeroen Klaver|Solo|newteam=Azzur}}Organization =={{listplayer|Psiyo|at|Leo Stefan Helpferer|Jungle/Mid|newteam=AzzurOrgCurrent}}{{listplayerOCurrent|Suntouch|uk|RealName|Jungle/Mid/Support|newteamflag=Azzur}}{{listplayerAustralia|Smek|at|Rafael|Hunter|newteamname=Azzur}}{{listplayerJoshua Bruce|Ghortak|dk|Sondre Ludviksen|Support|newteamign=Team Coast}}{{listplayer|EnQu|at|Gregor Rudolf|SoloElChuckles|newteamrole=Cloud9Coach}}{{listplayer|ProxyQQ|de|Dirk Meichsner|Jungle|newteam=Team Kicked}RosterEnd}|}  
== Team Achievements ==
{{PHStartTHStart}}{{THRow|2018-07-05|s5spl|[[SMITE Pro League/Season 5/Europe/Summer Season|2018 SPL EU Summer Season]]|6|{{teammates|Duck3y|Faeles|Lawbster|Funballer|HalfDevil}}|None}}{{THRow|2018-04-26|s5spl|[[SMITE Pro League/Season 5/Europe/Spring Season|2018 SPL EU Spring Season]]|6|{{teammates|Duck3y|Faeles|Lawbster|Funballer|WhoDaBest}}|None}}{{THRow|2015-01-11|swc2015|SMITE World Championship 2015|4|{{teammates|RealzxmaniaKK|Zyrhoes|CaptainTwig|Realzx|Badgah|ManiaKK|Zyrhoes}}|$261,226}}{{THRow|2014-11-16|s1euregionals|SPL Season 1 EU RegionalsRegional Championship|2|{{teammates|RealzxmaniaKK|Zyrhoes|CaptainTwig|Realzx|Badgah|ManiaKK|Zyrhoes}}|$2510,000}}{{THRow|2014-1009-0520|s1euspltsminv|SMITE Pro League EU Season 1TSM Invitational|53-4|{{teammates|RealzxmaniaKK|Zyrhoes|CaptainTwig|Realzx|Badgah|ManiaKK|Zyrhoes}}|$8,750}}{{THRow|2014-08-09|s1eukickoff|SMITE Pro League EU Kick-Off LAN|1|{{teammates|RealzxmaniaKK|Zyrhoes|CaptainTwig|Realzx|Badgah|ManiaKK|Zyrhoes}}|$25,000}}{{THRow|2014-03-30|launch|SMITE Launch Tournament|4|{{teammates|RealzxenQu|prOxyQQ|CaptainTwig|Realzx|Badgah|EnQu|PrOxyQQ}}|$13,074.60075}}{{THRow|20142013-08-2523|gamescom|Gamescom 2013Invitational|2|{{teammates|Psiyo|Xaliea|GhortakSuntouch|SuntouchPsiyo|Smek|Ghortak}}|$13€3,074.60000}}
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