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SMITE Minor League/Season 5/Europe/Fall Relegations

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2018 EU SML Fall Relegations
SML Logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Tiermonster
Event Type: Online
Format: Round Robin
Date: 2018/07/15
Links: Website

The 2018 EU Smite Minor League Fall Relegations is a tournament that grants 2 spots in the SML Fall Season 2018



Qualified Teams

Place Team
Q Logo std2.png Exordium
Q Logo std2.png Sacred Speedbuff
NQ Logo std2.png Fear No Evil
NQ Logo std2.png Underdogs


Eye - Show All 2.pngRosters

Sweden Cozyx
Romania Alka
Romania AngryDay
Switzerland KehnSix
Netherlands Popullr
Fear No Evil
United Kingdom FlureZ
United Kingdom Gloreh
Bosnia and Herzegovina m0eX
Denmark Jhockin
United Kingdom T850


1 Logo std2.png Exordium 3 - 0 100%
2 Logo std2.png Sacred Speedbuff 2 - 1 67%
3 Logo std2.png Underdogs 1 - 2 33%
4 Logo std2.png Fear No Evil 0 - 3 0%