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Background Information
Name: Ério da Rosa
Country of Birth: Brazil Brazil
Birthday: April 4, 1998
Team: CNB e-Sports Club
Role: Jungle
Favorite Gods:   
Team History
Yk4GXlogo std.png Yakuz4 e-SPORTS
Mar 2015 - Aug 2015VoiDlogo std.png voiD Team
Aug 2015 - Dec 2015CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club
Apr 2016 - Apr 2016Pink1logo std.png Black Panthers
Apr 2016 - PresentCNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club

Ério "Ray²" da Rosa is a Brazilian SMITE player. He is currently playing jungle for CNB e-Sports Club.


Ray² started playing games on the PC around 2011. He played mainly Call of Duty games. While playing a casual game in SMITE, he got invited to start a clan, which is how he entered the competitive scene.

He played for voiD Team during Brazil Gaming League 1 and stayed on the roster when it was acquired by CNB e-Sports Club in August 2015.[1]


  • He likes to skateboard
  • His favorite game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-05-05 A55th BGL2016.png BGL 2016 Split 1 CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club DeliciaLisoZoinhULuDArcxNull
2015-09-29 A66th BrazilGamingLeague.png Brazil Gaming League 2 CNBlogo std.png CNB e-Sports Club KlizJow¹MatmageXanTiiz
2015-06-12 A44th BrazilGamingLeague.png Arena X5 VoiDlogo std.png voiD Team JowMatKlizNull
2015-05-19 A44th BrazilGamingLeague.png Brazil Gaming League VoiDlogo std.png voiD Team JowMatKlizNull

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