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Noble eSports

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Noble eSports
Noble eSports.png
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Coaches: Mark "Draylo" Ramsay
Managers: AnnMarie "FayTheGodess" Hartman
Team Captain: Derek "Wubbn" Gibson Jr
Sponsor: Twitch
Meta Threads
Controller Chaos
Youtube: NobleProGaming
Facebook: NobleProGaming
Twitter: NobleGG
Created: 2014

Noble eSports is a North American organization. For information about their COD team, view their page on COD Esportspedia. For information about their Halo team, view their page on Halo Esportspedia.


Season 2

The team competed in the SPL Season 2 NA Challenger Cup but failed to make it into the Fall Relegations. Shortly after, Adjust left to join Fat Chunks Assemble and BkHaste left to join Hi Five. After failing to qualify for the SPL Season 2 NA Fall Relegations, the roster would choose to disband.

On July 29th 2015, only days before its appearance in the SPL Season 2 NA Fall Relegations, the Hi Five roster was picked up as the new SMITE team with the former solo and jungler elchapoo and Grishank switching roles.[1] At the Fall Relegations, Noble would fail to unseat COGnitive Gaming, losing the series 0-3 and not qualifying for a spot in the Fall Split. Soon after the team disbanded.

Season 3

With their Xbox team relegated, things were looking pretty bleak for Noble, there were even mentions of people thinking they weren't coming back into the scene. That was until they acquired the roster of The Randozos, a low-tier North American team.


  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • January 14th, current rooster disbanded.

Player Roster


ID Name Role


ID Name Role Next Team
USA Uzzy Arthur Ashurov Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Logo std2.png A Mighty Storm
USA elchapoo Andy Leon Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Logo std2.png A Mighty Storm
USA MLCst3alth Brett Felley Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Retired.png Retired
Canada Wowy Jacob Carter Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA Wubbn Derek Gibson Jr. Template:RoleSortNumber Support
USA moswal Stephen Garwood Template:RoleSortNumber Sub
USA ADUR0 Elijah Ashton Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA Mirage Eugeen Mathew Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle FPGGlogo std.png Flash Point eSports
USA Whalrus Mark Maloney Template:RoleSortNumber Solo IMoGlogo std.png In Memory of Gabe
USA Grishank James Hilimire Template:RoleSortNumber Solo/Jungle NeilMlogo std.png NeilM
Canada Syper Brandon Situ Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA xLOUx Luis Branco Jr. Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter OSlogo std.png Onslaught eSports
USA Junipera June Kiran Template:RoleSortNumber Support Logo std2.png Burly Men
Canada Adjust Jared Deline Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Chunkslogo std.png Fat Chunks Assemble
USA BkHaste Brandon Cain Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Hi5logo std.png Hi Five
USA elchapoo Andy Leon Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
USA BkHaste Brandon Cain Template:RoleSortNumber Mid OSlogo std.png Onslaught eSports
USA ElBrochacho Eric Saavedra Template:RoleSortNumber Support Logo std2.png FREE KSPOT
USA Nonton Jimmy DePierro Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA Wolfy2032 Justin Colon Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Solo NMElogo std.png Enemy


ID Name Position
USA Recon Paul Recon CEO
USA FayTheGoddess AnnMarie Hartman Manager
USA draylo Mark Ramsay Template:RoleSortNumber Coach

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