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Welcome to Esportspedia's Smite Wiki!

We are currently in an open beta. This means that the wiki is public, and anyone can create an account and start editing. However, we are still in the process of building up a sizable staff, and so we are not currently live-updating tournament results. The duration of the open beta will depend on our ability to grow our staff.

What can I find here?

Currently, we have pages on players, teams, and tournaments. Our goal is to expand that coverage and also add unique pages like roster-swap tracking, or anything else that the community would like to see us create.

Help us build our wiki!

Join our staff

We are still looking for someone to oversee the wiki as a whole. Ideally this is someone with good leadership skills, a lot of free time, and a willingness to learn a significant amount of coding in MediaWiki; however, if you only fit two of those categories we would be happy to consider you as someone to co-manage the wiki. Additionally, we are looking for as many staff members as are interested: your availability can vary from a few hours a week to as much time as you want to spend, and many different roles within the staff are available.
Here are two applications you can fill out:
  • Wiki Manager
  • Staff Member

Edit as a community member

All edits must be manually approved by someone who has Editor privileges within the site, but that doesn't mean you can't make changes!

Useful links

Upcoming Patch: TBD
Current Patch: RWBY v6.12

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