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Five Angry Men

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Roster left for a new Organization.
Five Angry Men
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Team Captain: Chris "Macetodaface" Grabowski
Created: 2014
Player Trades: 2015-02-18 Shing joins

Five Angry Men was a North American SMITE team. It drew controversy for its disqualification during the Season 1 Wildcard Tournament.[1] The team later competed at the Season 2 Spring Qualifiers during which it got picked up by Denial eSports.



  • 2015
  • 2014

Player Roster



ID Name Role Next Team
USA TheBest Jeremy Dailey Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
USA Shing Alex Rosa Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
USA Macetodaface Chris Grabowski Template:RoleSortNumber Mid Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
USA Madmanmarc22 Marc Rothman Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
USA ShadowQ Erich Grabowski Template:RoleSortNumber Support Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
Canada PainDeViande Louis-Phillippe Geoffrion Template:RoleSortNumber Support ExpSlogo std.png Exposed Secrets
Canada Rushed Sebastien Beaulieu Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Chunkslogo std.png Fat Chunks Assemble
USA Wolfy2032 Justin Colon Template:RoleSortNumber Solo Thurstlogo std.png Thurst
USA djpernicus Cody Tyson Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Legionlogo std.png Legion of Carrots
USA Homiefe Alexander D'Souza Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter Logo std2.png Team Nomad
USA mrwiggless Benjamin Lyubarskiy Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle Legionlogo std.png Legion of Carrots



ID Name Position Next Team
Canada Rushed Sebastien Beaulieu Coach Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports
Canada Clow Shane Rymkowski Template:RoleSortNumber Coach TRlogo std.png Team ReturN

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