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September 2015
September 30th
EU Titanlogo std.png Titan Confrey leaves. Ataraxia moves to hunter. BroTuZ joins as solo
EU Tilogo std.png Ti BroTuZ and Haazzee leave.
September 29th
NA C9logo std.png C9 Hurriwind joins as substitute.
September 28th
NA TSMlogo std.png TSM Divios moves to substitute.
September 27th
EU Juslogo std.png Jus Sanjo joins as jungler, Xephyr moves to solo.
OCE INlogo std.png iN Ivorylogo std.png Ivory Gaming roster acquired. jak47, Tomahawk, Oenamaus, Robdigidy, and FaunKeH join.
September 23rd
EU Juslogo std.png Jus MrCrunchy goes inactive.
September 19th
OCE Chiefslogo std.png Chiefs Roster disbands. Elkeiro, Maxen, Wizzah, Gruff, and CrazyAussie leave.
September 12th
na NMElogo std.png NME wigglessdabae leaves.
eu MiMylogo std.png MiMy Psiyo leaves.
OCE PGNlogo std.png PGN Lorelogo std.png Lore Gaming roster acquired. shrek, Senses, Goldi, Chilled, Dante, NQuad1Zero, and TheOmega4 join.
September 11th
LAT TSSlogo std.png TSS xArt joins.
September 9th
NA ELvlogo std.png eLv ADUR0 joins.
September 8th
EU Epsillogo std.png Epsil YOUNGBAE joins as coach.
EU Logo std2.png NetC Suntouch and Faeles leave. Zindurn and Kuresento join.
September 5th
EU Logo std2.png NetC Roster formed. prOxyQQ, enQu, Snakeskin, Suntouch, and Faeles join.
September 3rd
NA TSMlogo std.png TSM TheBoosh leaves. Snoopy moves to mid, Eonic moves to hunter, Jigz moves to support.
September 2nd
LAT ISGlogo std.png ISG extt joins. Sagues retires.
BR G3xlogo std.png g3x extt leaves.
September 1st
EU Epsillogo std.png Epsil Solana leaves.