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October 2015
October 31st
SWC2016logo small.png
Avlogo std.png Avant Garde qualify for SMITE World Championship 2016.
Gold.pngAvlogo std.png Avant Garde Silver.pngDWlogo std.png Dire Wolves in Season 2 OCE Regional Championship.
October 29th
EU TPGlogo std.png TPG Tilogo std.png Team Instinct roster acquired. WolfOfEloStreet, Gamehunter, NinjaBobat, m0eX, and Korinyo join.
October 28th
EU Juslogo std.png Jus Flareb00t leaves.
October 26th
EU EBoltlogo std.png eBolt TBizrlogo std.png Team Bizarre roster acquired. Axioz, Darkyodk, AiurZ, RedPot, and PurplePot join.
October 14th
EU VwSlogo std.png VwS M0XIElogo std.png Moxies roster acquired. Wlfy, FleuryQ, Duck3y, Zigox, and JacobHL join.
October 10th
EU LClogo std.png LC Cherryo moves to jungle. ASoggySandal moves to substitute.
October 5th
NA NVlogo std.png nV AFKlogo std.png AFK Gaming roster acquired. CycloneSpin, Weak3n, KikiSoCheeky, Incon, and Allied join.
October 3rd
NA Deniallogo std.png Denial Sikandara joins. Shing moves to substitute.
October 1st
NA TSMlogo std.png TSM bchm joins as solo laner. TheBoosh joins as mid. Snoopy to hunter. Eonic to support.