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March 2015
March 31st
NA NMElogo std.png NME Jerbie and Sasic join as mid and support. Awesome2daMax is benched. MrMakey moves to solo.
March 27th
EU Starslogo std.png Stars Faeles leaves. Cherryo moves to Jungle. Qiwen moves to Support.
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW Optixx joins as Solo laner. Arneking moves to Hunter. FreshTimeZ and FleXy leave.
March 18th
NA AFKlogo std.png AFK Melior Morior rename to AFK Gaming. Incon, Weak3n, Allied, CycloneSpin, and KikiSoCheeky join.
March 16th
NA NMElogo std.png NME MrMakey moves to support.
March 13th
OCE Avlogo std.png Av Incite roster acquired. Biggy, Rowe, Sporks, Subfloor, and TemperWolf join.
NA TSMlogo std.png TSM The Name Changers roster acquired. Divios, DaGarz, TheBoosh, Snoopy, and Eonic join.
March 12th
BR INTZlogo std.png INTZ We Love Bacon roster acquired. qe3q, Nann, aimless, OReiTroll, and PIBEu join.
Oceanian Pro League season format announced.
March 11th
SPLS3 logo small.png
Summer Split will expand to 8 teams.
March 9th
NA NMElogo std.png NME Whalrus leaves.
March 6th
NA Egrlogo std.png eGr Lassiz moves to mid, Daretocare to jungle.
EU Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic SK Gaming roster acquired. ManiaKK, CaptainTwig, Zyrhoes, Realzx, and Badgah join.
NA NMElogo std.png NME Busters roster acquired. Awesome2damax, Soulshiner, Tocketty, BronxBombers, and Whalrus join.
NA CoLlogo std.png coL CycloneSpin, Weak3n, KikiOrNah, Allied, and Incon leave, forming Melior Morior.
EU LClogo std.png LC aero joins as mid laner, Suntouch to jungle, R3DF00 to sub.
March 4th
NA PolyJlogo std.png PolyJ MattyPocket joins.
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW FleuryQ, FreshTimeZ and FleXy join.
NA Egrlogo std.png eGr Gnaw steps down to substitute.
March 2nd
EU Panthlogo std.png Panth Yammyn joins.
EU PntLlogo std.png PnTl Roster disbands. Thepikachu, FleuryQ, Skrittwyn, Arneking, FreshTimeZ, and Dekuscrub leave.
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW aero, Yammyn, and HalfDevil leave.
March 1st
EU NoXlogo std.png NoX WolfOfEloStreet, m0ex, Korinyo, enQu, and Zindurn join.
SPLS3 logo small.png
London Conspiracy, Team Dignitas, TRIG eSports, and Upcoming Stars qualify for the EU SPL.
EU Panthlogo std.png Panth Optixx Leaves.