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April 2015
April 29th
BR 2Killlogo std.png 2Kill Roster disbands, becomes Phalanx Team. SyphoZ, Madrugadão, MarcelZ, FiremancerSkull, and Ewerling leave.
April 28th
NA NMElogo std.png NME MattyPocket joins. MrMakey moves to sub.
April 27th
NA Deniallogo std.png Denial TheBest retires.
EU Elofisherslogo std.png eFish GetFisher moves to hunter, Faeles join as jungler, and duck3y join as sub.
April 26th
OCE Tridentlogo std.png Trident Roster disbands, becomes Team Kamikaze. Tompo, LiquidRenegade, Divine, Redoxide, and Gruffdogga leave.
April 25th
EU Starslogo std.png Stars Argonath joins as sub.
OCE CTDLlogo std.png CTDL Caizification joins as support. Destonate moves to sub.
OCE Tridentlogo std.png Trident LiquidRenegade joins as jungler. FaunKeH leaves.
April 20th
OCE Tridentlogo std.png Trident FaunKeH joins as jungler. Valkire leaves.
April 17th
NA Deniallogo std.png Denial Madmanmarc22 leaves.
April 15th
OCE CTDLlogo std.png CTDL Trance eSports roster acquired. Desacrator, JustLaney, Tokcen, Destonate, OnlyGoodAtSolo, and Hydro07 join.
April 14th
OCE SLCNlogo std.png SLCN Vaqq joins as support. Maxen leaves.
April 12th
OCE Avlogo std.png Av Ochita joins as mid. TemperWolf leaves.
April 10th
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW TheBushyy joins as hunter. Optixx leaves.
EU Epsillogo std.png Epsil Panthera roster acquired. NinjaDimi, Adapting, emilitoo, Yammyn, and iRaffer join.
April 8th
NA COGlogo std.png COG Homiefe joins as jungler.
April 7th
SPLS3 logo small.png
Mask, Soulshiner, Tocketty, Lloydy, and Vetium receive temporary bans for Account Sharing.
April 5th
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW Gamehunter joins as solo.
April 3rd
EU SpWlogo std.png SpW Optixx moves to hunter. Arneking moves to sub.