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Zed/Match History

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30px Zed Match History - Past 50 Games (Show: 25100200) (Restrict to Role: TopJungleMidAD CarrySupport)
Date Tournament P Player Comp Vs Team VS Pos Vs Len K D A KDA SS CS G Items SB MH VOD

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?Summary Time ?SP Team ?SP TeamVs ?SP PlayerWin ?SP Name ?SP Link ?SP Kills ?SP Deaths ?SP Assists ?SP Summonerspell 1 ?SP Summonerspell 2 ?SP Keystone ?SP Keystone URL ?SP CS ?SP Gold ?SP Item 1 ?SP Item 2 ?SP Item 3 ?SP Item 4 ?SP Item 5 ?SP Item 6 ?SP Trinket ?SP PlayerCo ?SP PlayerNo ?SP GameNo ?Summary MatchNo ?Summary Pagename ?Summary Tournament ?Summary Gamelength ?Summary Patch ?Summary VoD ?Summary Statslink named args=yes format=template template=MatchHistoryChamp/Line offset=0 limit=50 mainlabel=- sort=Summary Time order=desc class=sortable wikitable searchlabel=