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2019 World Championship
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOffline
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2019-10-02
End Date2019-11-10

Welcome to the Worlds Team Profiles 2019 page! In here you'll be able to find interesting stats, fun facts and trivia on teams that will be participating at the 2019 World Championship. These statistics include games throughout the Summer Regular Split, Summer Playoffs and Regional Finals.

  • For now only teams from the five major regions will be displayed. But more may be added at a later date!
  • The data for this page was provided by Tim "Magic" Sevenhuysen, owner of Oracle's Elixir and Head of Esports Data Science at Esports One.

  • LCS
  • LEC
  • LCK
  • LPL
  • LMS

Team Liquidlogo std.png TL
  • Despite being four time LCS champions, this is only Team Liquid's second Worlds appearance.
  • Team Liquid has some of the oldest and most veteran players at Worlds.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Team Liquid is the fifth fastest team in average game time at 31.7 minutes.
  • One of the most balanced teams, being middle of the pack in terms of kills-to-deaths ratio.
  • TL has the third best dragon control at 65%, only behind J Team and FunPlus Phoenix.
  • The fourth team to win LCS as well as the first team to win four titles in a row, bringing the TL forever fourth meme at full circle.

Cloud9logo std.png C9
  • Tied with Team SoloMid and Fnatic for having the most Worlds appearances at seven.
  • Have achieved the best results internationally out of any other North American team.
  • One of the least bloody teams at Worlds, having 433 kills only above Team Liquid, Splyce and J Team.
  • C9 isn't particularly focused on turrets in the early game, having one of the lowest First Turret percentages at 46%.
  • Despite their poor turret control, C9 is fifth in terms of early game rating with 58.6.
  • Famously had one of the funniest and most awkward interview in the LCS.

Clutch Gaminglogo std.png CG
  • Clutch Gaming will be making their first and last appearance as an organization, due to their upcoming re-branding in 2020.
  • In terms of domestic results (since the LCS' inception), Clutch Gaming is the weakest NA representative in Worlds history.
  • Despite their explosive style of play, Clutch actually has the fourth longest average game time at 33.7 minutes.
  • As a team they tend to get punished often, having the third highest amount of combined deaths at 498.
  • Very excellent at pushing the tempo when necessary, having the second highest First Tower percentage (73%).
  • Clutch Gaming is the third NA team to qualify for Worlds with an import Top Laner (the first being C9 with Impact and the second being Immortals with Flame).

G2 Esportslogo std.png G2
  • This will be G2's fourth Worlds appearance.
  • G2 Esports is the first European team since Fnatic in Season 1 to win a major international event with their MSI 2019 win.
  • By far the fastest and most effective team at closing out games, having an average game time of 28.3 minutes.
  • G2 has poor vision control, placing 3.31 wards on average and clearing 1.48 on average, putting them near the bottom in these two stats among Worlds teams.
  • Although they play a high-tempo risky style, G2 has a surprisingly low amount of total combined deaths at 352.
  • Jokingly and affectionately dubbed as the villains of the LEC.

Fnaticlogo std.png FNC
  • Tied with Team SoloMid and Cloud9 for most Worlds appearances at seven.
  • Currently the most successful org in Europe's history in terms of results.
  • Fnatic have excellent baron control, being second in First Baron rate at 70%.
  • Similarly to G2, Fnatic is lacking in vision as they have some of the lowest wards placed and wards cleared numbers.
  • The #1 team in terms of First Blood rate at 71%.
  • Seen by many as the protagonist of Europe, contrasting G2's role as the villain.

Splycelogo std.png Splyce
  • This will be Splyce's second Worlds appearance.
  • Fairly similar to Team Liquid in terms of playstyle.
  • One of the slowest teams at Worlds, having the third slowest average game time (33.9 minutes) and the second lowest combined total kills (415) only above Team Liquid.
  • Not the strongest objective team, being middle of the pack or lower in securing first objectives such as towers and dragons.
  • Despite their flaws, they are better at vision than their fellow EU teams G2 and Fnatic.
  • Although the team plays in Europe, the organization itself is based in North America.

SK Telecom T1logo std.png SKT
  • This will be SK Telecom T1's fifth Worlds appearance.
  • The most dominant organization in Worlds history (3 titles) and League of Legends history as a whole (8 domestic titles).
  • Despite being South Korea's #1 seed, SKT has the slowest game time due to their huge Summer Split slump.
  • SKT has the best vision control out of any team, being first in wards placed per minute (4.34) and second in wards cleared per minute (1.85).
  • Even though their early game has holes, their mid to late game rating is the second best (11.8) only behind Fnatic's.
  • Known for the meme Can SKT still make Worlds? due to their uncertainty of qualifying during 2014.

Griffinlogo std.png GRF
  • This will be Griffin's Worlds debut.
  • Currently the only LCK org alongside DAMWON Gaming to attend Worlds without winning the LCK in their history.
  • Griffin's ward stats are Top 4, making them one of the best teams at using vision.
  • With a decent average game time (32.5) and one of the lowest combined total deaths (329), Griffin is one of the least punished teams.
  • Third in Gold Difference at 15, only below G2 Esports and J Team.
  • Believed to be chokers by some analysts, due to their inability to step up in must win games.

DAMWON Gaminglogo std.png DWG
  • This will be DAMWON Gaming's Worlds debut.
  • Currently the only LCK org alongside Griffin to attend Worlds without winning the LCK in their history.
  • Fourth in combined kills (688) and second in combined deaths (570), making them one of the bloodiest teams.
  • Similarly to their fellow LCK teams, DAMWON's warding stats are Top 3.
  • Third highest amount of games throughout Summer at 52, only behind SK Telecom T1's 56 and Invictus Gaming's 54.
  • DAMWON Gaming has the most inexperienced (and possibly youngest) roster heading into Worlds.

FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FPX
  • FunPlus Phoenix is making their Worlds debut.
  • Had the second most dominant run in LPL history, only behind EDward Gaming's 2016 Summer Split run.
  • Highest Kill to Death ratio at 1.73, as well as most combined total kills at 743.
  • Middle of the pack in terms of combined total deaths.
  • Fourth in combined kills per minute (0.90).
  • One of two LPL teams alongside Royal Never Give Up in making an effort to interact with the western audience on social media.

Royal Never Give Uplogo std.png RNG
  • Will be participating at Worlds for the sixth time.
  • Excluding Invictus Gaming's 2018 triumph, RNG is the most successful LPL team at Worlds in terms of results.
  • Middle of the pack when it comes to average game time (33.0 minutes).
  • Third in total combined kills at 692.
  • Fourth in terms of total combined deaths at 494.
  • Known for their Protect the Puppy comp, centered around protecting Uzi and channeling resources into him.

Invictus Gaminglogo std.png IG
  • This will be Invictus Gaming's fourth Worlds appearance.
  • The second team to return to Worlds as defending champions without winning their domestic title in Summer, with SK Telecom T1 being the first to do so in 2016.
  • The second fastest team at Worlds, having an average game time of 29.8 minutes, only slow than G2 Esports.
  • First in total combined kills at 856.
  • Easily the bloodiest and most punished team, having a total combined deaths of 873, with the second team (DAMWON Gaming) having only 570.
  • The second oldest Chinese LoL team behind Team WE.

J Teamlogo std.png JT
  • This will be J Team's Worlds debut.
  • The first LMS team to attend Worlds as the region's #1 seed since 2015 that isn't Ahq e-Sports Club or Flash Wolves.
  • One of the slower and more methodical teams at Worlds, having an average game time of 33.5 seconds.
  • The least punished team attending Worlds, having the lowest amount of total combined deaths at 270.
  • J Team have the best dragon control rate at 74%.
  • Owned by the famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, hence the name J Team.

Ahq e-Sports Clublogo std.png ahq
  • Worlds 2019 will be AHQ's fifth Worlds appearance.
  • Despite often being overlooked and underestimated, AHQ has never had a Worlds run where they have less than two wins.
  • AHQ is the second slowest team at Worlds with an average game time of 34.2 minutes, just shy of SKT's 34.3 minutes.
  • Their warding stats are average to good.
  • One of the weaker early game teams, having an average early game rating, low [email protected] leads and a low First Blood rate.
  • The only team outside of Hong Kong Esports to defeat Flash Wolves in the LMS Playoffs.

Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.png HKA
  • This will be HKA's second Worlds appearance.
  • Still in search of a Top 2 finish in domestic competition (Regional Finals excluded).
  • HKA has one of the lowest combined kills per minute (0.67).
  • The weakest team in terms of early game rating (51.4).
  • Surprisingly the fourth best team at mid to late game rating (9.9).
  • To date the only major region team to get knocked out in the Play-In stage.