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FB Thaldrin 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameBerke Demir
Country of BirthTurkey
TeamBahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇ve
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Team Turquality BLUElogo std.png TTB8/20127/2013
Turquality REDlogo std.png TTR7/20130/2013
Team Turqualitylogo std.png TT0/201311/2013
Wild Fire e-Sports Clublogo std.png WF11/20139/2014
Aces High Esports Clublogo std.png AH9/20141/2015
Beşiktaş e-Sports Clublogo std.png BJK1/20151/2016
Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP1/201611/2016
1907 Fenerbahçe Esportslogo std.png FB11/201612/2018
Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP12/2018Present

"Thaldrin" (Real Name: Berke Demir) is a Turkish League of Legends player, who is currently a Consultant for Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇ve.

Career History

Thaldrin started his career as an AD Carry for Team Turquality in its early days. In an unknown time period, Team Turquality's top lane slot has been left free by the former player and Thaldrin stepped in. He and his team competed in every single premier tournament , except 2013 Turkish Champions League Summer. He got swapped with LongB and started to play for Team Turquality RED. In 2013 Turkish Champions League Finals, they got matched with Team Turquality BLUE and lose.

After their lose to Dark Passage in finals, TT BLUE bring back Thaldrin once more, and eventually they were able to defeat Team Turquality RED for a spot at IEM Season VIII - Cologne. CLG defeated TT BLUE in a hard match, scoring 2-0. After IEM, TT BLUE's squad, along with Thaldrin, has been bought by Wild Fire e-Sports Club .

With Wild Fire, he reached the peak of his career. Scoring several MVP nominations, and been able to play in every single premier tournament in Turkey. But whatever he cannot show in tournaments was displayed in his SoloQ performance, being the one of the first Turkish players to reach Challenger in EUW.


  • He likes to play Riven and Rengar in solo queue.


Date Event Result
2016-04-23 2016 International Wildcard Invitational size=24px SuperMassive Esports 3:1 Hard Randomlogo std.png Hard Random
2016-04-03 TCL 2016 Winter Playoffs size=24px SuperMassive Esports 3:1 Beşiktaş.OHlogo std.png Beşiktaş.OH
Date Event Result
2015-11-29 International Wildcard All-Star 2015 5v5 size=24px Team Turkey 3 : 1 File:Team CISlogo std.png Team CIS
2015-08-08 2015 TCL Summer Playoffs Silver.png Beşiktaş 1 : 3 Dark Passagelogo std.png Dark Passage
2015-04-25 2015 International Wild Card Invitational size=24px Beşiktaş 3 : 1 INTZ e-Sports Clublogo std.png INTZ e-Sports Club
2015-04-04 2015 TCL Winter Playoffs size=24px Beşiktaş 3 : 0 Dark Passagelogo std.png Dark Passage
2015-01-18 International Invitational Tournament 4 size=24px AH 3 : 0 HWA Gaminglogo std.png HWA Gaming
2015-01-08 LoL Pro League Season II Silver.png AH 0 : 3 ThunderBot SPARTAlogo std.png ThunderBot SPARTA




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