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--><div class="infobox"><div class="infobox_heading">{{#if:{{{id|}}}|{{{id|}}}|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Edit Button}}</div><!--
--><div class="infobox"><div class="infobox_heading">{{#if:{{{id|}}}|{{{id|}}}|{{PAGENAME}}}} {{Edit Button}}</div><!--
-->{{#if:{{{image|}}}|<div class="photobox">[[File:{{{image}}}|x350px]]</div>}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{image|}}}|<div class="photobox">[[File:{{{image}}}|x300px]]</div>}}<!--
-->{{#ifeq:{{{isretired|}}}|Yes|<div class="infobox_section2">RETIRED</div>}}<!--
-->{{#ifeq:{{{isretired|}}}|Yes|<div class="infobox_section2">RETIRED</div>}}<!--
-->{{#ifeq:{{{isfreeagent|}}}{{{isretired|}}}|YesNo|<div class="infobox_section2">FREE AGENT</div>|}}<!--
-->{{#ifeq:{{{isfreeagent|}}}{{{isretired|}}}|YesNo|<div class="infobox_section2">FREE AGENT</div>|}}<!--

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This template defines the table "listofplayers". View table.This template adds rows to the table "SoloQueueAccounts", which is declared by the template SoloQueueID. View table.

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Copyable Code

Player Infobox
|title=PLAYERIGN - Age, Mains and Stats - LoL Esportspedia Wiki
|keywords=PLAYERIGN lol, lol PLAYERIGN
|description=PLAYERIGN (FULLNAME) is a NATIONALITY LoL player, currently playing for TEAM. Check out PLAYERIGN's bio, age, team, stats and much more!
|birthday=<!--{{Birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd|mf=yes}}-->
|teamawards=<!--{{award|league|no. of times won|splits/seasons won (winning team's tag)}}-->
|indiawards=<!--{{indiawards|league|award won|no. of times player has won this award|split/seasons won (winning team's tag)}}-->
==Career History==
{{Player History}}

Template Usage

Parameter Description/Explanation Example
isretired= • Set to Yes/No depending on the player's status
isfreeagent= • Set to Yes/No depending on the player's status
stdblurb= • Set to Yes if you want to use a generic introduction for the player's page. Remove this if you prefer to add a blurb manually. However, this should not be used on staff pages (Coach, Analyst, Manager, etc.) Sample output (generic):
"Faker" (Real Name: Lee Sang-hyeok (이상혁)) is a Korean League of Legends player, currently a Mid Laner for SK Telecom T1.
id= • Official ID and format used on tournaments
image= • When adding an image, please make sure to upload/save with standard format. SKT Faker 2018 Summer.png/jpg
birthday= • Use this template: {{Birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd|mf=yes}} {{Birth date and age|1994|09|15|mf=yes}}
country= • Should be country of birth
region= • Should reflect the player's country of birth.
team= • Player's current team.
• Should be full team's name and must match the team's name on its page.
fteam= • Used to indicate player's former team if currently a free agent.
role= • Player's current role in the team. Input can be any of the ff:
Top, Top Laner
Mid, Mid Laner
AD, AD Carry
Sub/Top, Sub/Top Laner
Sub/Mid, Sub/Mid Laner
Sub/AD, Sub/AD Carry
prev1= • Use if player has a former role.
cleague= • Use if a player is playing in any league.
• For the list of available leagues, click here.
teamawards= {{award|league|no. of times won|splits/seasons won (winning team's tag)}} LoL Champions Korea LCK x1
indiawards= {{indiawards|league|award won|no. of times player has won this award|split/seasons won (winning team's tag)}} Ogn logo.png Playoffs MVP
• For website, do not include http://
• For youtube, include c/ or channel/ or user/ before the actual channel/user name. • For the rest, simply add the player's handle/username.
history= • Add this parameter ONCE.
• Use template (can be used as many times as needed): {{member|team=Name of the Team|start_date=MM YYYY|stop_date=MM YYYY|role=player's current role or last role played for the team}}
• If start or stop date is unknown, put -
• Leave |stop_date= blank if it's the player's current team.
{{member|team=SK Telecom T1 2|start_date=Feb 2013|stop_date=Nov 2013|role=Mid}}
Section Description/Explanation Example
==Biography== * Should be limited to player's personal background or any information prior to competitive LoL.
==Career History== * Must be written in timeline format.
* Should highlight team transfers, tournament results, recognitions and bans/suspensions.

Format should be:

  • June 18th, joins SK Telecom T1
    • June 19th, leaves the team.
      • Use "June~," if date is unknown.
      • Use "Joins the team, exact date unknown" if the month is unknown too.
  • with SK Telecom T1
      • Used if participation for the team continues up to the following year.
• Click here for example.
==Trivia== • Should only include factual information about the player.
• Use a scroll box if the player has more than 5 trivia lines. Simply add {{Trivia}} at the beginning of the list and close it with {{TriviaEnd}}.
• Click here for example.
==Results== • Uses the template: {{PlayerResults|YYYY|Player Name}}
• Can be used multiple times as needed.
• {{PlayerResults|2019|Faker}}
• Click here for example.
==Media== • Includes 3 sub-sections. Interviews, Articles & Videos and Gallery.
• Tabs are used to represent years.
• Click here for example.