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  • The Infobox Player/RoleImages is called to display an icon for a player role instead of plain text, and is used as part of the following templates:
    • Used for parameter |role= in Template:Member to display the player's role on the Team History section of a player's infobox.
    • Used for parameter |role= in Template:RCurrent to display the player's role on the Player Roster section of a team's page.

Possible Input Options

Top Laner t, top, toplane, top lane, toplaner, top laner
Sub Top Laner st, sub top, top sub, sub/top, sub/top laner, top substitute, substitute top laner
Jungler j, jg, jun, jungle, jungler
Substitute Jungler sj, sub jungle, sub jun, jun sub, jungle sub, sub/jun, sub/jungle, sub/jungler, jungle substitute, substitute jungler
Mid Laner m, mid, midlane, mid lane, midlaner, mid laner
Substitute Mid Laner sm, sub mid, mid sub, sub/mid, sub/mid laner, mid substitute, substitute mid laner
ADC / AD Carry a, ad, adc, adcarry, ad carry, marksman
Substitute ADC sa, sub ad, sub adc, adc sub, ad sub, sub/adc, sub/ad, ad substitute, adc substitute, substitute ad, substitute adc
Support s, sup, supp, support, supporter
Substitute Support ss, sub sup, sub support, sup sub, support sub, sub/sup, sub/support, support substitute, substitute support
Inactive inactive
Head Coach hcoach, head coach
Coach c, coach
Assistant Coach ac, acoach, assistant coach
Strategic Coach sc, strategic coach
Analyst analyst
Manager management, manager
Team Director team director
Head of Esports head of esports
Owner owner
Caster caster
Streamer streamer
  • Notes:
    • On loan and reserved players use |role=inactive
    • All team staff roles display a similar icon.