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* September 20th, '''[[jdwu]]''' joins.
* September 20th, '''[[jdwu]]''' joins.
* October 10th, [[OneBadBrad]] leaves.
* October 10th, [[OneBadBrad]] leaves.
* October 29th, '''[[PR0LLY]]''' and '''[[iNoobish]]''' join.<ref>[ Welcome Prolly and Noobish] ''''</ref>
* November 5th, Roster becomes inactive and roster disbands.  <ref>[ 4Not's League of Legends team disband.] ''''</ref>
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* October 31st [ Interview with 4Not's Team Manager SamBuca] ''with SK Gaming''
* October 31st - [ Interview with 4Not's Team Manager SamBuca] ''with SK Gaming''
<references />
<references />

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Team Information
SNS Gamers
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Team 4Not is a an International eSports organization who founded their first League of Legends team late 2011. The gaming organization also sponsors a team for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


  • 2012
  • 2014
  • January 14th, Team 4Not reforms.

Player Roster

  • Former
  • Temporary Subs
Sub Role Replacing Event
USA The Rain Man Top Laner None   2012 MLG Summer Championship  
USA L0CUST Support None   2012 MLG Summer Championship  


  • Former
Real Name IGN Position New Team
 Canada  Kain Milakovic (Stryker)     [[]]      Owner    None
 Iceland  Valur Pálsson (Marvin)     [[]]      Manager    None
 Canada  Simon Boudreault (SamBuca)     [[]]      Co-Founder/Owner    Quantic Gaminglogo std.png QTC
 USA  George Liu (Zekent)     [[Zekent|]]      Coach    Absolute Legends NAlogo std.png aL NA
 USA  Daniel Dinh (Dan Dinh)     [[Dan Dinh|]]      Coach    Epik Gamerlogo std.png Epik


  • 2012
2012 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2012-09-30 5-6th Tsm25.png SoloMid NA Invitational 11 0 : 2 Monomaniaclogo std.png mMe Ferus - TakashiXLong LeCrisHeartbeatL0CUST
2012-08-24 9-12th MLG-Logo-Small.png MLG 2012 Summer Championship 0 : 2 Team Legionlogo std.png LgN - TakashiXOneBadBradTheRainManparoLL0cust
2012-08-03 9-16th Ipllogo small.png IPL Elites North America 1 : 2 CLG Blacklogo std.png CLG B - MartelOneBadBradTakashiXparoLL0CUST
2012-07-06 5-8th Epssmalllogo.png National ESL Pro Series Season 3 0 - 7
Round Robin
- ZekentOneBadBradTakashiXParolBloodWater
2012-06-10 13-16th MLG 2012 Spring logo small.png MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Spring 0 : 2 SK Gaminglogo std.png SK -



  • 2012