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  • 2010. <ref>[ Teams] ''''</ref> ...igfatjiji, but was required to change his name by Riot due to 'jiji' being Chinese for penis. "lp" is short for "lan pah" which is Hokkien for testicle.
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  • |description=Biofrost (Vincent Wang) is a Chinese LoL player, currently playing as Support for TSM in the LCS. Check out TSM ...'s early career took place in the NA Challenger Series. The most prominent teams he was part of were Final Five, Vortex and Dream Team. His big break came w
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  • |description=Clearlove (Ming Kai) is a Chinese LoL player, currently playing for EDward Gaming (EDG) in the LPL. Check out * Plays for '''[[Dream (Chinese Team)|Dream]]''' at unknown dates.
    21 KB (3,204 words) - 19:00, January 9, 2020
  • |description=Cody Sun is a Chinese-American LoL player, currently playing for 100 Thieves. Check out Cody Sun' ...he middle of 2015, joining Magnetic. He would move around on NA Challenger teams before joining Immortals for the 2017 season. Initially a very inexperience
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  • ...vs OMG final being anticipated, OMG lost 0-2 in the Quarterfinals to their Chinese rivals [[Royal Club]]. Their early exit from Worlds didn't shake their conf ...NaJin and sweeped them 3-0. In the Semifinals, OMG faced off against their Chinese rivals [[Star Horn Royal Club]]. In a really close series, OMG lost 2-3 and
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  • ...-teams-kryptonite-is-chinese-spices Worlds: What LCK Team's Kryptonite is 'Chinese spices'] ''with Inven Global'' ...per-hand SSG CuVee: "We already have experience in playing against foreign teams. It gave us an upper hand"] ''by Woo Yong Hyun (''
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  • ...orm [[CJ Entus Frost]] and [[CJ Entus Blaze]]. With the formation of these teams, CJ decided to drop the original team entirely. Dade joined [[MVP Ozone]] a ...6th.<ref>[ Team WE's tencent weibo post(Chinese)] ''Tencent Weibo''</ref> LPL rules forced WE Academy to split from [[Team
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  • ...nline school. Jon would frequently participate in his high school baseball teams as well as play football with his friends. Demunlul has been playing video *Favorite type of food is Chinese
    3 KB (489 words) - 07:33, November 23, 2018
  • * Is half Chinese. ...ssions-of-the-teams-after-the/2300-592/ Dyrus gives his impressions of the teams after the first week of Summer Split (video)] ''with onGamers''
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  • ...e-sports organisations. There were rumours of many offers from prospective teams but Faker decided to join [[SK Telecom T1]] in February 2013 and played on ...ssessment with a dominant group stage performance, losing only one game to Chinese rivals [[OMG]]. After making short work of Taiwanese team [[Gamania Bears]]
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  • become a professional player with Starcraft 2, joining several amateur teams. One of his teammates would eventually introduce League of Legends to him. ...was a very popular streamer at the time. He would play on several amateur teams while continuing his studies. He would garner the most attention from Garen
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  • ...gainst LPL's #1 seed, [[EDward Gaming]]. However, they easily get past the Chinese team in a 3-1 victory and moved on to the Semifinals. In the 2nd stage of t Gorilla Full English Interview: Rates Western Teams - Predicts Flash Wolves Advances Instead of CLG] ''with Gamespot''
    14 KB (2,132 words) - 05:27, November 28, 2019
  • ...m/longweibo/index.php?id=429380132770020 Vici Gaming's Tencent Weibo Post (Chinese)] ''''</ref>
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  • ...after, imp would announce his departure from Samsung Galaxy White and join Chinese team [[LGD Gaming]]. LDG became a fearsome team but were also struggling in Suddenly, they dominated the Chinese scene and qualified for [[2015 Season World Championship]] as first seed fo
    18 KB (2,899 words) - 21:02, January 10, 2020
  • ...ies in competitive League of Legends.<!-- Starting off on the South Korean teams Xenics Storm and Tempest, he eventually landed a spot on SK Telecom T1. The ...Sword that they eventually won 3-2. The finals saw SKT playing against the Chinese [[Royal Club]]. Royal was no match for SKT and the set ended with a quick 3
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  • |description=KRYST4L (Yang Fan) is a Chinese LoL player, currently playing for OMG. Check out OMG KRYST4L’s age, team, * Reportedly refused high-value offers from LPL teams in 2014, stayed with his teammates in the Hero of Cities, and went on to wi
    4 KB (578 words) - 20:22, January 15, 2020
  • EDG wouldn't lose to any other teams 2-0 during the rest of the 22 series regular LPL season. During this time, *Used to play a Chinese racing game called Kart as well as World of Warcraft.
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  • ...hey renamed the team to [[GE Tigers]]. This team far surpassed Kuro's past teams' history of mediocre performance, doing well at the start of the 2015 seaso then seeded against [[EDward Gaming]] in the Quarterfinals, beating the Chinese team in a 3-1 victory. However, they faced [[SK Telecom T1]] in the Semifin
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