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  • ...orm a team called Soldier Front. Team Soldier Front would compete in small tournaments, eventually meeting [[APictureOfAGoose]] during a Go4LoL cup on October of As being a part of one of the teams that qualified through the North American Pre-Qualifier #1 for the [[IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev]], Xmithie
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  • [[Category: Latin American Players]] ...deStone]] in December 2013. In June 2014, when he was able to play at Riot tournaments, joined [[Red Arrows Team]].
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  • ...began with [[Team 4Not.NA|Team 4Not]], with whom he played in a number of tournaments. The [[League of Legends 2011 Winter Brawl]] was the first of which, where * In 2013 played with Azure Gaming in the North American Qualifier.
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  • ...into competitive League of Legends playing AD carry in several [[Go4LoL]] tournaments in late season 1 and early season 2. He briefly played with [[Infinite Odds Enemy played in the [[2015 NA Challenger Series/Spring Qualifier|North American Challenger Series qualifiers]] as the #1 seed from the Ranked 5's ladder an
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  • ...d a his friends decided to form [[Team Normal Stars]] to compete in Go4LoL tournaments. Although they were able to win consistently, they disbanded before the fir ...e Meteos more and more opportunities to spend time and play for Cloud 9 in tournaments such as [[Rising_Stars_Invitational|MLG Rising Stars Invitational]] and [[I
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  • |description=Cop (David Roberson) is an American retired LoL player, currently coaching FlyQuest Academy in the LCSA. Check '''"Cop"''' (Real Name: David Roberson) is an American League of Legends player, currently the Coach for [[FlyQuest Academy]].
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  • ...a substitute jungler during Season 3, though he saw no play time at major tournaments.<ref>[ Vlog 1-25-2013] ''youtube.
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  • ...r his amazing soloqueue performance with {{ci|Riven|size=25}} on the North American server during the [[Season 3 World Championship]], earning him a 92 % win r ...Faker & Blank: "We'd like to keep up the good work and participate in many tournaments"] ''with Inven Global''
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  • [[Category:Latin American Players]] * Plays shirtless on streams and at offline tournaments.
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  • Europe]], and later [[Evil Geniuses]]) before contracting to the North American squad. HotshotGG’s CLG was one of three North American teams to attend the [[Riot Season 1 Championship]] in Sweden in June 2011,
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  • |description=Imaqtpie (Michael Santana) is a retired American LoL player, having previously played for Team Dignitas and Delta Fox. Check ...lah BABY, U R G O D 4 2 0, S Q W A A K, B1G Kr1T, L A N B O Y Z (LAN), Fat American (EUW), feed l0rd, santana claus
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  • ...ntually became a very well respected team. However, in later international tournaments, MVP White, now known as "MVP Ozone," struggled. upsetting worlds, LDG continued to show disappointing results in later tournaments and had to defeat [[Newbee]] in order to re-qualifying into the LPL. The ye
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  • of gaining some competitive experience as well as having fun playing in tournaments. After the team broke up, he created a new team with [[Kenikth]], [[Onionba Cloud 9 was the North American team fan-voted to [[IEM_Season_IX_-_San_Jose|IEM San Jose]].<ref>[http://en
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  • ...e they were able to find success and gain solid placings in several online tournaments. On August 25th, 2011, [[unRestricted]]'s League of Legends team was signed Lapaka was originally going to be one of the members of CLG's second North American team, [[Counter Logic Gaming Black]], but eventually did not join. His spot
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  • ...ablo II. He tried going pro back in Season 1 but he was too young to enter tournaments, so he took a break until Season 3. After a few months of solo queue [[Team ...ed second in the [[AlphaDraft Challenger League]], behind [[Misfits (North American Team)|Misfits]] and ahead of [[Cloud9 Tempest]]. However, in the [[2015 NA
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  • ...nd 2 he was regarded as a distinguished {{ci|Alistar}} player on the North American ladder. * Has a pet Rammus hat that he pets while he plays in tournaments.
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  • popularity from streaming and the relative success of Epik Gamer at LAN tournaments. Epik Gamer's achievements with Dyrus included fourth place at the [[Season ...rld Championship|Worlds]], TSM received a group stage bye as the top North American seed, but they lost in the quarterfinals to eventual second-place team [[Az
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  • ...rica South server launched, he decided to create a serious team to play in tournaments. He has had the full support of his family in his gaming career. [[Category:Latin American Players]]
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  • [[Category:Latin American Players]] ...Latin Gamers, and in 2013 they won the Samsung League and a lot of others tournaments less known.
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