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Background Information
NamePhilip Sohn
Country of BirthCanada
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png MCRC0/201212/2012
Logo std2.png Motion Gaming12/201212/2012
Logo std2.png TNS1/20132/2013
Curse Academylogo std.png CA2/20132/2013
Team Astral Pokelogo std.png TAP3/20135/2013
FXOpen e-Sportslogo std.png FXO5/20137/2013
To Be Determinedlogo std.png TBD7/20139/2013
Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png CLG8/2013Current
Gold Gaming LAlogo std.png ggLA9/201311/2013
40px TWZ11/20131/2014

Phillip "NydusHerMain" Sohn was a high elo support player who formerly played for To Be Determined.


Phillip "NydusHerMain" Sohn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His love of gaming started at the age of 8 when his mother bought him Starcraft: Brood War, and it enveloped his gaming life. He became an avid Elo player in StarCraft over the years, reaching the rank of Grand Master in StarCraft 2. He was introduced to League of Legends by his friends. At first he thought the game was "stupid and boring" in comparison to StarCraft but many of his friends started playing. As he was the last of his friends to begin playing, he was "stuck" with the support role. As he reached Level 30 and began solo queuing, he decided that it was easier to gain elo by playing Mid. However, at 1900 Elo he picked up the support role again and ended up playing both.

League of Legends Career

Eventually, NydusHerMain joined a team with Bobbyhankhill, playing support on a roster that would iterate itself into Team Astral Poke. After the team disbanded, he played on a few other teams, including Team Normal Stars and Curse Academy. He was close to to playing in the Season 3 LCS Spring Qualifiers in February 2013 with Motion Gaming, but they lost to 1 Trick Ponies in the online qualifiers. Eventually he ended up rejoining Team Astral Poke in its 2013 reincarnation. The team made headway in online ranked 5's and were able to participate at the Season 3 LCS Summer Promotion. The team lost in the Challenger bracket of the tournament to ex-Quantic Gaming.

After losing the chance to get onto the LCS, Nydus parted ways with Astral Poke, joining Westrice's new team, FXOpen e-Sports (later To Be Determined). The team gained a notable reputation in the amateur scene, winning the major event: the 2013 MLG Spring Championship.

On August 2nd Nydus was officially added to the roster of CLG as a sub. On September 23rd, he left To Be Determined, and the next day on September 24th he joined Gold Gaming LA (later The Walking Zed). However, before the roster was picked up by Cloud 9, Philip left the team and since then has been teamless.


  • Ex-Grand Master Starcraft 2 player.
  • Reached Challenger rank primarily playing and gaining recognition for  Zyra.
  • Majored in Chemistry at University of Toronto.
  • Has aspirations of being a chemistry professor.
  • His first main was  Zilean while leveling his account.
  • Knows English, Korean, and Sign Language.
  • Favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies n' Cream.
  • Favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim.
  • Is one of the few openly gay professional League players.


Date Event Result
2013-08-31 PAX Spring Promotional Qualifier SF.png To Be Determined 1 : 2 CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png compLexity Gaming
2013-06-30 2013 MLG Spring Championship Promotion size=24px FXO 2 : 1 CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png compLexity Gaming



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