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Noble Truth is a North American team that qualified for the Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder.


Noble Truth, previously known as Tri Hard Gaming and Semver Veritas v2, was formed in April of 2014. The team qualified for the North American Spring Expansion Tournament as Semver Veritas v2 by placing 13th on the ranked 5's ladder. Due to Riot's age regulations, three players had to be substituted out in order to play. Contractz, Zeyzal, and Hi Im Joshie were placed on the substitute roster and Tonington, Noctµrnal, and Razelock were put in their respective roles. They played Enemy eSports in the first round where they lost 0-2, eliminating them from the tournament.



Player Roster



|- |USA | Zeyzal |Tristan Stidam |Coach

|- |USA | Shadowpandaa |Briana Brennan |Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-11-16 NA LCS 2017 logo small.png A99 - 16th 2015 NA LCS Spring Expansion 0 : 2 Enemylogo std.png Enemy

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