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NRG eSports
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Team Information
LocationNorth America
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NRG eSports is a North American team.


2016 Preseason

NRG eSports was announced on November 16th, 2015. They formed when two co-owners of NBA team Sacramento Kings purchased Team Coast's NA LCS slot for the 2016 Spring Season. Their initial line-up included top laner Impact from Team Impulse, jungler Moon from Imagine, mid laner GBM from Jin Air, and support KonKwon, the only player to move over from Coast. Former Origen head coach Hermit and Cloud9 coach Charlie formed the team's coaching staff.[1] Altec officially joined the team's roster later on in the day.[2]

2016 Season

NRG started the LCS strong, tied for either first or second place through the first four weeks, but after the fifth week they fell down to fifth place and remained there for the rest of the season. They were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.



Player Roster

Formerly On Loan

|2016 NA LCS Spring Season - Week 7




|- |USA | |Mark Mastrov |Co-Owner

|- |USA | |Andy Miller |Co-Owner

|- |USA | Atlas |Gerard Kelly |Co-Owner

|- |USA | moconinja |Justin Siegel |Co-Owner

|- |USA | Ringo |Andrew Pruett |CEO

|- |Kuwait | Empyre |Naser Al-Naqi |Head Analyst

|- |USA | Archon |Joseph Aguirre |Analyst


|- | | Angela | |Head of Social Media/Content |Template:None |- | | Aria | |Personnel Manager/Chef |Template:None |- |USA | Shark |Charlene Hamm |Assistant General Manager |Apex Gaminglogo std.png Apex Gaming |- |China | Charlie |Charlie Lipsie |Head Coach |Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9


  • 2016
2016 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2016-08-07 NQ NA LCS 2017 logo small.png NA LCS 2017 Spring Promotion 0 : 3 Echo Foxlogo std.png FOX - QuasSantorinGBMOhqKiWiKiD
2016-07-31 9th NA LCS 2015 logo small.png NA LCS 2016 Summer Split 4 - 14
Round Robin
- QuasSantorinGBMOhqKiWiKiDHermit
2016-04-03 5-6th NA LCS 2015 logo small.png NA LCS 2016 Spring Playoffs 0 : 3 Team Liquidlogo std.png TL - ImpactMoonGBMAltecKonKwonHermit
2016-03-20 5th NA LCS 2015 logo small.png NA LCS 2016 Spring Split 9 - 9
Round Robin
- CrisImpactShrimpMoonGBMAltecLODKonKwonHermit

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